Family Constellation


Family Constellation is a highly effective way of healing on a deeply felt, energetic and emotional level, with long-term life changing results. It is designed for individuals, couples,  families and work systems, interested in resolving their issues and looking to build a solid foundation for a new direction.

Hidden “Orders of Love” that operate in the depths of family organisms and the human soul are influencing us in our daily life. With a Family Constellation violations and ignorance of these natural laws will be unveiled. Hidden entanglements of this kind are found behind most personal and even professional issues. Restoring balance and harmony to the system is equally important for addressing physical illness – from lower back pain to cancer – as it is for healing emotional and mental suffering.

The groups work begins with a short exchange about  the truth seekers issue or problem. No individual story or drama descriptions will be shared but some simple factual information about the constellation members.  Then the seeker chooses from among the other group members a representative for each family member – alive or dead – and places them in relationship to each other, according to the existing inner picture. This creates an energy field in which the participants involved begin to receive relevant information (physical sensations or pain, emotions, thoughts, etc.) related to the family member whom they are representing.

Every change in position within the constellation, affects the information received.  As a result, previously subconscious connections are openly seen and the source of the dynamic is unveiled. With the information provided and the help of  simple healing sentences, exchanged between the members in the system, the constellation can now be restructured according to the “Orders of Love” into a balanced system where love and happiness between the members is once more free to flow in a natural, healthy way.

Family Constellations supports all participants to:

  • Resolve misunderstandings, entanglements, and blocks in family, partner and other relationships.
  • Break cycles of disconnection, addiction, alienation, physical – mental- or emotional abuse and dysfunction.
  • Address parenting problems and painful family situations (i.e. divorce, single parenthood, miscarriage, infertility, abortion, adoption).
  • Deal positively with severe illness and death.
  • Uncover reasons for physical and emotional suffering and take steps towards their healing.
  • Gain a more refined understanding of many details of the “bigger picture” in any life situation.
  • Gain insight into any kind of conflicts and their solutions.

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