Shamanic Energy Work


Shamanic energy transformation is a technique reaching the source of your existence where quick and deep changes can occur. Its underlying principle is that our emotional, genetic and karmic history can leave dense or heavy imprints in our light bodies field, which can create mental problems, emotional, energetic and physical dysfunctions.

The word shaman literally means “he or she who knows.” Shamanism is a universal healing style that has not changed in any significant way for thousands of years and is not bound to any particular form of spirituality or religion. It is based on the first two divine laws – the principle of Mentalism and the principle of Correspondence – dedicated to diagnose and cure human suffering – whether emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. Shamans act as a medium between the physical and spiritual realms and recognize that all objects are alive and therefore in their essence changeable.

The shaman enters an altered state of consciousness, the spirit world, in order to connect more directly with the pure soul of the client or with the forces causing trouble for the client. In this state it is possible to transform the existing energies, to increase strength and clarity, to guide you where you have lost your orientation, and remove lingering negative energies.

In a shamanic mirror experience the client has the opportunity to meet the soul’s energetic vibration of a beloved one – living or dead – in order to resolve old issues, increase the flow in love and remove stuck feelings, in a face to face encounter.

Shamanic Energy Transformation is helpful for:

  • When you feel stuck in a behavioral pattern which continues to repeat itself.
  • When you are struggling to heal from pain that is part of your ancestry.
  • When you need to remove emotional traumas or karmic imprints from your past.
  • To break habits that are creating negative manifestations in your life.
  • To find freedom from feelings of low vibration as fear, anger, rage, jealousy, self-worth issues and insecurity.
  • To deepen the individuals spiritual experience in life.
  • To more thoroughly enjoy yourself, others and life in general.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Sacred Soul Journey and commented:
    I remember my mothers stories of her journeys in her sleep. I have been told to stop visiting certain people during my sleep and my oldest son has OBE. Seems to be a gift within our family and I can recall the last time someone mentioned to me that I was in fact shaman. I laughed and moved on. Well here we are, years later and my practice does have a shaman overtone to them. My overtones of shamanism has not come from any class or expensive fees to attend an event far away but it just evolved. I thought I was playing cool with the rest of the world, faking like I was like everyone else. What I discovered was that once I stopped hiding who I really was and my knowledge no one thought I was any different or more weird or stranger than I was before. It seems I have always been weird and had strange beliefs and knowledge that no one could ever explain,

    I found this article by New Beginnings by Jorge Benito and thought others maybe where I was many years ago or may be interested in shaman or healing work. I highly suggest you do, you life will forever be changed and you will be transformed. ~Mystic Pam Jackson

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