Ascended Master Lanto II

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This is a beautiful prayer I am using again and again to connect to the kind and powerful energy field of the Ascended Master Lord Lanto! Have fun trying it out and let me know how you feel about the incoming energies!
Love, Light and Blessings 

images (2)In the Divine I live, I move and I have my entire existence.
The divine lives and moves within me and has its entire being in me.

I radiate love, peace and divine power into my entire environment,
for the benefit of all beings.
The divine power heals me and penetrates my entire soul.
I feel, think and act, that me and all members of my family are protected by the divine force of unconditional love!
I AM positive, that the divine light and eternal vigilance,
heals, helps, guides, enlightens and transforms me.
I forgive everyone and everything!
In the center of my existence is deep inner peace.
In the silence I feel the power, the leadership and the love of the Holy Presence.
I feel the stream of eternal love flow within me.
I know, that all my problems are resolved in the divine light.
The divine ways are my ways.
The words that I have spoken will accomplish,
what they are send for!!


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