10 Daily reminder to keep you happy and grounded

Man's leg sticking out of water

Man’s leg sticking out of water

In daily life we keep ourselves busy so that we stay on our toes and reach the goals we seek. It’s a good thing on principle to learn and grow, but sometimes we need a little break, a slow down of the busy energies. To remind ourselves of what is really important in life and of how valuable taking time for our friendships and beloved ones really is. If you spent daily a minimum of 10 minutes to clarify with yourself how wonderful you are, what a wonderful thing it is to be alive and what you hold to be most valuable for you, than you find more appreciation in your daily routine and things can happen with more ease.
Here are some things to try, to live by and remind yourself on a daily base. Also I encourage you to write down your own daily reminder, your very personal little list, and read them each morning before you start engaging with other people.

10 Daily Reminder

1. Know that you are powerful beyond your recognition. Be aware that your energy field is attracting things into your life. Stay positive and more positive things will come!

2. Your thoughts become reality. Keep your mind clear. Keep it clean from negativity. Have a prayer that helps you forgive what you see and stay positive yourself!

3. Forgiveness leads to high vibration. Forgiveness helps moving on from the things that are balast in life. Let go and create a new happy version of yourself.

4. Life is short, don’t sweat the small stuff. Let things go with ease. Train yourself not to hold on to the little annoyances!

5. Love yourself unconditionally. Train to thing loving and kind thoughts about yourself!

6. Every day is a new day. Start fresh and let go of the past. Every moment is a chance for a new beginning! USE IT!

index7. The darkest moments in life only make us stronger. Allow life sometimes to be hard and know, you will come out of the tunnel feeling stronger and clearer!

8. Believe in miracles. No matter if they happen to you or not! If you beliefe, they at least have a chance to appear in your life!

9. Be fearless in your convictions. Stand up for what you beliefe in and stick to it untill it manifests into your life!

10. Follow your own path. Feel who you really are and life that way!

Love and Blessings!! Edith

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