7 traits to identify authentic spiritual teacher

buddhist,monk,student,teacher,sri lanka-MDear Friends,
over the last few month of collective unveiling, that is happening with the secrets of our world power figures and the secret societies, I met an extraordinary big number of people – who felt betrayed and abused or effected by the abuse of spiritual teacher that they had met. For a reason unknown to me, in all this cases it was a swami, guru, community leader or yoga guru from India – but that does not mean, that spiritual abuse is only happening there. 
How ever, it is anyway a virtue of the spiritual path to see behind the veil of representation, appearance and seduction. Time to step up, learn how to separate winnow from wheaten and choose the leader who guide us on our path of enlightenment, from a place of clarity and self-empowerment!!! 

At this moment of time, in some regions of the planet, spiritual teacher seem to be available on every street corner you pass . Many of these teacher offer a solution that involves joining an exclusive community, a special tribe or a cult-like group that has been formed around a so-called spiritual teacher. The message is: “join my community (and sometimes: pay me large amounts of money) and enlightenment will surely be yours”, when in reality it is often a trap that involves manipulation and control of the members and their mindset.
For a certain period of time it is beneficial for most people, if they join a group and practices their mind-body-emotion awareness with others. The challenge appears, when a strong attachment is build and a person gets stuck in the feeling of needing the teacher, the cult, the guru – in order to feel their own divine connection. Any to close identification with the personality of the group leaders/teachers will then become an obstacle on the path of attaining self-empowerment and to reach everlasting enlightenment.

The following list should clear up with some common perceptions, for a better chance to recognize authentic spiritual teacher. If you are seeking guidance of a spiritual teacher in this moment, than I hope this article serves you as a guideline to find the right fit!



Do you feel selflessness in your teachers service?

A helpful teacher is one, that does not need emotional support or positive feedback from the people he/she is sharing their knowledge with. Generally serving other people means serving in a way, that truly benefits the receiver. The teacher is payed by your financial compensation and the personal growth that is naturally coming from holding space for others. If you feel you teacher emotionally-, mentally or spiritually being in need of your approval  – WALK AWAY!!

Do you feel your teacher lives his/her life with intention?

Creating life with intention – is living life with purpose. People who live their life intentionally are in charge of their own destiny and understand how co-creation with the universe works. Traits very helpful when functioning as a teacher.
A sign of intentional living is mindfulness! You can see a mindful mindset in the way  a person  talks to you. In the way your words are received, processed and responded to. Also recognize mindfulness in the way people move their body or touch and treat things. Pay attention to what your gut feeling is telling you!

Does your teacher integrate in his/her life what he/she teaches?

Don’t be shy to ask a potential teacher how they live their lives. Ask if the techniques and mindset they teach, is also the way they live. Is the person’s personal practice similar to the teachings they share?
Do they practice to stay in a constant contact with their own divine guidance? Authentic teachers serve as vehicles for higher consciousness. In order to be able to do so, a strong and steady connection with their own personal guides is mandatory.

Does you teacher continue to grow him/her self?

Mastering your personal energy includes a deep understanding of our immortal soul, traveling the spiral dance of creation. In such a dance, there is no beginning and no end – while here on earth we constantly experience the death of a situation, relationship, physical thing, in order to have the chance for a new beginning.
A wise person understands to translate that fact into constant, self-chosen growth. People on the path of self-mastery seek daily practice, for the sake of never ending spiritual, mental and emotional growth.

download (2)Do you hear humility in your teachers words?

Humility is achieved, when we understand our true powerful greatness as creating human beings – and put it in the right proportion to the greatness of the universe, the divine plan, the forces of the elements and the power of divine love.
In the life of Jesus Christ, we can see such authentic humility. A person so powerful – so connected to his golden I AM presence – that he could heal instantly AND so small, he never felt to superior to serve another human being in need, with his outstanding abilities. So, humility is not about money or the compensation you pay for received services – it is about experiencing bliss, gratitude and contentment in having the capacity to serve in this world!
This are true signs of authentic spiritual humility. If you find a person like that – make yourself a bed in their backyard!!

Can you feel an attachment free approach in your teachers work?

The world we live in functions on a divine level – under the law of detachment. This law says: Already when it started it was perfect; Who showed up is exactly who was supposed to be there; What happened is the only thing that possible could happen; And when it is over – it is over….
So what does that mean? It means, that working with the soul and the other world is always a non predictable situation. So non-attachment is about accepting what ever the outcome of or work is. It is important that you feel free with the person who serves you as teacher. That you feel they are ok with what ever you decide for your healing, your next step, your personal path.
Conclusion: a person, who serves as an authentic spiritual teacher, should not add to your inner pressure with expectations or demands about your personal growth process .

Do you feel free to ask questions and post constructive input?

A truthful teacher will always be interested in answering your questions. At the same time – it is in your teachers hands and responsibility, to only give you as much information at a time, as you can handle. Nobody is served with a total overload on news that can not be taken in. A good teacher will feel when it is the right time, to give you the next piece – the next layer of information. That’s the job!
And, nobody is perfect – we are all human beings who make mistakes or can be misunderstood. An authentic teacher will not have a problem when you are sharing constructive feedback. To the opposite – if you tell them how they can help you even better, how they can communicate even clearer or reach your heart easily – they will be thankful for the chance to adjust their service and grow from it!

Where ever you are in this beautiful world – I wish you authentic, kind and playful guidance from loving people on this side of the veil and your spirit guides from the other world!
Blessings and happy new beginnings to you!!

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