The Divine Color Blue – Angels – Ascended Masters and the September shifts

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by Edith Boyer-Telmer
Dear Friend of the light,
in these last month, I watched the universe increase the influence of the color blue on the human race. Where ever I looked not only Angels, Ascended Masters, Numerology and Sacred Geometry where present, but also the color blue!! We had the Blue Magdalena appearing to send message of the coming shifts, we had the Planetary New Year with Sirius – the blue planet – rising, we had a blue Full Moon at the end of July, and Gaia – the blue Planet – finished her ascension process and stabilized in the vibration of the 5th dimension, just last week.
People with the traits of Indigo Children, Crystal children, of  empathic highly sensitive nature, sense this bombardment of this energetic and solar radiation activity since a while.

So, why would the divine forces shower us like that?

The answer is simple, because we are deeply in need of the color blue in our life!! On a divine, cosmic, angelic level, the color blue is identified with the WILL OF GOD. With this higher power within every human being, that drives us to do good, to grow and evolve, to become beings worth of a Golden Age of Aquarius.
Just like the Numerology and the Sacred Geometry, the highways of light and sound are a language of divine frequencies – existing in order to assist humanity in identifying themselves as beings of light and energy.

This highways of light are part of the physical bodies natural nutrition system, and we are supposed to consciously feed our energy body from them. The more the human collective awakes and learns about the conscious translation from spirit into matter, the more we will be able to drink from this natural source.
If that sounds far away or impossible to you – just imagine the last time you saw a mind-blowing magical sunset of vibrant colors, and the elevated feelings of joy, hope and bliss it made you feel!!

So, much like our physical sun (the source of all visible light that can be broken up into its seven component colors), is the chakra system of our physical body, a transmitter of the cosmic rays of spiritual light – that can help accelerate our spiritual growth. These light rays build up the causal body of man, with each of them carrying a variety of spiritual, mental and emotional attributes. And the highways of light are special forces with energetic qualities. These seven streams represent the oneness in our game between spirit and nature, space and form, the feminine and the masculine energies.

nutritionThe color blue in the Ascended Master realm:

The Ascended Masters teach about the seven rainbow rays, that the attribute of each color or ray is vital to our wholeness. The seven rays are godly attributes, that human beings have to understand, integrate and master, in order to ascend. Pure love, wisdom, joy, peace, balance and other qualities of the light, can be achieved by working with the Masters energies.
Each person, manifested on planet earth in this moment of time, has the chance to embody this qualities.

The Blue ray is the 1st divine ray of: the WILL OF GOD, DIVINE GUIDANCE, DIVINE PROTECTION and FAITH
The Chohan (Leader) of the first ray is EL MORYA. He is also chief of the Darjeeling Council and of the Great White Brotherhood. El Morya represents courage, focus, certainty, power, forthrightness, self-reliance, dependability, self-responsibility, faith and divine action. All attributes a human being emotionally identifies with the Father principle, the energy of an authentic leader, a judge or a king – human archetypes, human reality and internal qualities of a true spiritual warrior.

Another very important figure for this time of change is IMMACULATA the PLANETARY SILENT WATCHER:
Immaculata is holding the divine blueprint of life, from which constantly the pattern of perfection and creation for the Golden Age of Aquarius on our planet and for all her attendants flows. It is her service to watch over the human race and guard individuals as well as groups of people, to follow the DIVINE HIGHER WILL.
She holds in her consciousness the pattern of all individual life,  the entire plan from the beginning to the completion. At the end of every year, Immaculata transmits the sacred pattern of the coming year for the development of Gaia and all her creature down to earth.
“Continents have come and gone, civilizations have risen and fallen, oceanic bodies have changed, rivers and rivulets have been swung from their location, all within Immaculata’s concept for this New Earth rising”.

Connect with Immaculata to get in contact with the guidance of your individual soul path, to channel the necessary details of your future manifestations, if you feel insecure about your step to support your spiritual development, if you are working with the Akasha Chronic.


The color blue in the Angel  realm:

Each of the 7 angelic spectrum rays are held by Angelic twin flames. The masculine counterpart is holding the deeper and more intense aspects; the feminine counterpart is holding the finer and “lighter” aspects. The Angelics and Elohim are the carriers and administrators of the highways of light.

The blue and indigo rays are held by ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and MIKAELA:
Michael, the leader of all holy angels, is in charge of the blue angel light ray. Michael is known for his exceptional strength and courage. He’s a leader with the qualities of focus and clarity, dividing wisdom and the discipline to cut thru all obstacles of the ego.
People ask for Michael’s help to gain courage when overcoming their fears, obtain the strength to resist temptations, to follow your higher will of peace, oneness and win-win solutions over the urge of the ego tho fight, survive and win.

METATRON is helper of Children and special adviser for Indigo Children and Crystal Children:
Metatron is the highest level and representative of the infinite stream of energy, emanating from the endless source of existence. He is known as “the voice of god”, his right hand is the Archangel Michael.
Metatron helps to find people’s karmic purpose in life. He especially works through spiritual, mental & sensitive children such as Indigo Children and Crystal Children.  As a teacher of esoteric knowledge, he helps them understand their  spiritual gifts and life path.

If you call on Archangel Metatron he utilizes a sacred geometry called Merkabah cube or Metatrons cube, for healing and clearing away of lower energies. The cube spins clockwise and uses centrifugal force to push out loose energy residue, the pattern you are ready to let go of!! When you are a Lightworker, Shamanic Traveler, a Being of Light or a Lucid Dreamer – this Merkabah cube is the safe space your soul is taking its journey in. The, for the human eye more and more often, visible manifestation of your the Metatrons cube are light orbs.
Here a picture taken at the ceremonial fireplace of New Beginnings. If you look closely, you can find up to 20 beings dancing thru the night :-).

How the September light codes will effect especially Healer, Lighworker, Body Worker, Therapists..:

  • There will be changes in your spiritual work. Maybe you feel the need to develop, refine or evolve your skills. Maybe new ones will surface from your core essence and take precedent.
  • Many healers of the blue ray will retire from their momentary work field and be drawn to a new beginning.
  • Sound frequencies and human resonances will become a powerful method for healing transformation, communication and entrance into the sacred realms.
  • Feeling sick and exhausted, especially during astrological events  and cosmic alignments, is a natural expression of ascension. As your body will go through frequency refinements, it will have to let go of some low level vibrations.
  • Your diet may no longer work for you. When your body is attuned to the higher frequency resonances, it will need different food. More fresh water, more greens, organic vegetables, for some vegan, for some raw food. You have to listen well to the wisdom of your sacred vehicle, to find your authentic mix. What ever works for you, support your body while it will continue to shift and change!!
  • Waking up tired. Your higher self , the masters and guides are working on you in your dreams! If you wake up exhausted, make it a self-love day, a self-mother and self-pamper day! Be extra kind to yourself, as you might be super sensitive to energies and vibrations this day.

Wish you faith and humor when surfing the waves of these coming days!! An when you see the COLOR BLUE think surrender, think alignment, think service!! As reward, endless amounts of magic and divine abundance will be yours!!
Love and dancing blue light

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  4. Thank you for this post! I’ve been intensly drawn to blue in all shades for over a year now. I haven’t known exactly why but felt it was supporting me energetically in some valuable way. I enjoyed reading your article! Thanks so much!

    • hi linda, so happy the post helped!! it brings another level, a finer quality when you understand the forces working with you!! Hope it will make your divine connection and faith even stronger!! Blessings Edith

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