Every New Moon a New Beginning – 7 simple steps to align with the energy field of the shift!

nm hippyby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the energies of the New Moon are approaching and easy tips came to my mind, how we can actively support this divine  forces with simple effective changes. Changes, the universe accepts like offerings – offerings to let the wind of change come in and take away the old. Not always it is required to quit our job, divorce our partner or start a brand new work life, when the energies of change are knocking on our door. But, universal seasonal frequencies do not care for where we are standing in our lives – they cater to the human collective “ready or not”.
That means, the forces of meta-physic movement within the cosmos lovingly offer to us the opportunities, situations and the spiritual strength, that we need to let go, move on and create change. If the change is conscious or unconscious, if you experience it as easy or as torture, as gain or as loss – is entirely a reflection of your personal mindset and vibration.
The support to go the easy way, drop what ever we don’t need anymore, move on from a place of pain to a place of light, is in the air every single New Moon of your life.
This particular Virgo New Moon also provides us with a partial eclipse, which makes the impact on all related human collective pattern even stronger. When ever you desire to initiate a small shift in your homes vibration, you can use the steps bellow to transform the energy – the source of your inner stability and clarity.

7 simple steps to change the vibration in your home:

1. ) Take a long hot shower 
Sounds simple enough!? I am sure you all know the feeling of coming home from an exhausting day at work, with your body tired and your mind only wanting to rest. If you than take a shower, you can feel refreshed, rejuvenated and fit again. If you now add to this natural result some conscious awareness and affirmations, the effect will intensify strongly. Your personal energy field is part of your home – what you can let go of from inside – is also done for the whole frequency of your safe haven.
So step into the shower, with the intention to internally and externally let go of what ever it is that no longer serves your higher-self and spiritual development. Speak out loud or repeat in the mind the prayer below, to the violet flame of transformation (one of the divine rays of angelic light, or existence is build of). If it is the memory of people who triggered your emotions, a situation you witnessed that hurt you soul or simple lower vibrating human thought pattern – everything can be evolved, transformed and refined by the violet flame of your inner divinity.

Violet Flame blaze, blaze oh blaze,
in through and around every single electron.
Transform me / us / the room / again into dancing light
until everything flows in
the harmony of t
he divine plan 

2. ) Clean your Household
The space we are living in, is the space we give our imagination, our dreams and desire to unfold in just exactly that way, that we like them best. If your home is big and you are already tired from the day, than don’t clean it all!! Just make sure your sleeping room is tip top and ready to receive the blessings of a new beginning!!
When we consciously clean our home, we think of letting go of the old and unhealthy in our life. We wash out the corners of our stuck mind, and open a door for inspiration and guidance to come to us. Simply giving the dust you sweep out the last thought of conscious goodbye, gives the action a twist that the universe will respond to. You can intensify the effect, by repeating the simple phrase of the prayer to the violet flame during your entire cleaning process.

3. ) Cleanse your house with White Sage
White Sage is widely known as one of the strongest healing, transforming and transcending sacred plants on the planet. That is good news because it means you don’t have to be a professional in order to be effective. To the contrary, the ability, the trait, the power is in the plant itself. No need to be shy, as you cant go wrong even if it is your first time. Sage is deeply rooted in the Native American healing arts, ancestral linage and tradition and can therefore also open a portal to this energetic field.
Don’t think to much about it! Get a sage stick, light it, blow on it and walk in a spiraling movement from the center of every room in your house, to the furthers corners of its extension. !!!!Please, don’t forget the dark little corners!!!! When you use common sense than it is clear, that especially places like overfilled storage-rooms, toilets (just think for a second what you do in there) and unused guestrooms – need even more of your attention!! And, also here – repeating the simple phrase of the prayer to the violet flame, makes the effect much stronger.

4. ) Spray rose petal water in all rooms:
You can get authentic, pure rose petal water in selected New Age shops and some well equipped homeopathic drugstores. If you don’t get a made up tincture, you can always look out for rose petal oil to mix it with water. In case that is you choice – just make sure that it is a pure and high quality oil – no chemicals involved!!
A pure and high vibrating rose petal oil or water, is holding the angelic vibration of the color pink. The color also of the rose quartz crystal, which is the frequency of unconditional love and divine grace. Qualities you might enjoy watching unfold in your world!
To apply to mix, just adapt the same spiral walk as with the sage and spray, splash or trickle water in all 4 directions of the room. As before – to repeat the prayer to the violet flame at the same time, tops up the strength of your work!

5. ) Change the bed sheets
It is a task easy enough done, simple feels good and, that way it is more likely for the “other world” to reach you in lucid dreams. When you are swaying in the smell and feeling of a set of fresh bed sheets, you automatically  let go more profoundly of your daily sorrows. As soon as you sink deep enough, a door opens to your inner guidance. What comes next, is up to spirit!
moon-96906. ) Move the furniture
You don’t have to change the position of your complete interior to create the feeling of change, already small adjustments of little items can make a big difference. You could move the coffee table to a different place, change the position of the TV stool, even if you just bring some pillows from the guestroom to the livingroom – the livingroom to your room and so on, it can change the feeling of how we perceive our space. Another easy way to feel brand new, is to change the color scheme of pillows, curtains and carpets in your rooms.

7. ) Bless your home
Everybody on this planet comes from the same source – the divine essence, and everybody in the world – has the power to bless. You  might not be used to bless jet and it might feel weird at first to consider yourself as somebody entitled to bless, but it work like riding a bike. That also felt unstable, bumpy and a bit weird at the beginning. With repetition and training of the mind to see yourself as worthy, the effect of your blessings will gain in strength. And last but not least – while you are blessings your home, think of the fact that you are a part of it –  don’t miss out on sending some self-love and blessing to YOU!!

I hope that my words provide you with inspiration, guidance and some good fun! Wish you “inner world changing” New Beginnings at every New Moon to come!!!
Love and Blessings Edith

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