How An Introvert Stays Balanced In An Extroverted World

aauby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
being a Introvert in an Extroverted World can be a difficult task. Especially when you are not aware of the traits that Introverts experience differently than the collective of the human race. I’ve only recently discovered that I’m an introvert and it explained a lot of my past to me. In My youth, in an attempt to fit into an extroverted world, I sometimes forced myself to be outgoing, to attend to social events and answer to hollow questions without feeling an inner connection.

You have to know, that being an introvert isn’t the same thing as simple being shy. Introverts’ and extroverts’ brains truly are differently weird (as science confirmed by now) and in essence work differently. The brain activity of introverts is usually higher when they are alone, as alone time gives them a feeling of safety, sanctuary some might even call it. On the other hand, the brain activity of extroverts is lower when they are alone, and they enjoy the stimulation they get from the presence of others. Extroverts seam to need much more social exchange, as it provides them with the spark they need to feel inspired and creative. Introverts tend to find this spark inside themselves and too much sharing with others can rather put their inner fire out. That results to the fact, that Introverts feel easily overwhelmed when exposed to too much external stimulation.

Since I realized how much of the stress in my life was caused by a lack of alone time and adapted to it, a huge relief came over me. Now that I’ve embraced my introverted nature I’m consciously creating time in my life, to make sure I keep my inner balance and harmony.

This is what it takes:

Make time for self-acceptance and self-love:

The first step to create well-being as an introvert, is to accept your true nature. Learn about yourself! Learn what it means to be an introvert! When in relationship – make sure your need are met, by understanding first how an Introvert needs to be loved. Discover which of the feelings and reactions you so far found inside of you, are relate to your natural trait. Know, that being an extrovert is not better than being an introvert just because the proportion within the human collective, is higher .
You’ll realize that life is easier and more enjoyable when you embrace your beautiful, imperfect, introverted self.

But as mentioned before, this is just the first step. In order to find long-lasting harmony and stability as an introvert, we need to make a little time every day to remind ourselves that it is ok to be different. That creates a shied of protection from the collective pressure of a generally rather extroverted world.

Introvert_quote_sm_shadowShare your knowledge with your beloved once:

As the bigger proportion of the human race are extroverts, it can be difficult for your relationship partner, family members and co-worker, to understand your introverted nature. When Introverts feel overwhelmed by social pressure from outside, they have to retreat to an internal space. This behavior can easily be misinterpreted as cold, snobby, or uninterested, especially by the extroverts you closely share your life with.

Explain that taking yourself back until you have your alone time, enables you to find clarity for your respond and inner peace with the situation you are in, so others don’t rely on their interpretation and own reasons for your distant behavior.

Enjoy alone time for rejuvenation and self-love every day:

Introverts need daily alone time, downtime, quiet time – time to reconnect to the recreational forces from within. Without this alone time an introvert gets emotionally overwhelmed, mentally irritated and frazzled. So if you are an introvert, make sure to have this time to yourself. Find out what it is that you experience as nourishing, what ever it is that gives strength to your inner guidance.
If it is meditating, reading a book, writing your diary, listen to music, spending time in nature, what fuels up your internal account of good vibrations. For us introverts, this downtime is just as critical to our well as eating, breathing or sleeping.

Adapt your work environment to be compatible with your needs:

By now most people in the first world spend between 8 to 12 hour per day at their work place. So it should be simple common sense for human beings, to look for work that suits their personal traits. But indeed apart from an Introvert, there is only one other personality type who needs an authentic work space as much as an Introvert, and that is an Empath.
For an Introvert working in the wrong environment quickly leads to mental exhaustion, which over time leads to physical exhaustion and illness.
So if you are an introvert, choose a work that allows you to get into a mental zone where you can naturally thrive.
Notice!! Or work can quickly turn into the second strongest force of disharmony and distress in our lives, after the impact our closest family members and friends have on us. So choose wisely!!

Liv-Tyler-dock-solitude-400Know when to attend and when to retreat from social events:

When I was in my 30s I spend about two years working as a troubleshooter at music events and music festivals, while I was studying how to hold space for me and other people. It was my job to listen to the complains and problems of 30.000 – 50.000 concert visitor. Not a particular healthy situation for an Introvert!
Thankfully on all of this jobs, I had excess to the artists backstage area. Without this escape space it would have been absolutely impossible for me to do, what was asked from me.
When ever introverts are involved in intense social exchange, they need to mentally process all that they’ve taken in afterwards. So when you are planning your social calendar, make sure you are building in enough hours to bring your energy field back to its original.

Embracing my true nature! I am sure happier and more at peace with the world, than I’ve ever been before, since I do. So to all you introverts out there, I hope you embrace your authentic identity today! Because being an introverts actually is truly pretty awesome!

Wish all Introverts a wonderful time on your path to self- discovery and self-expression!!
Blessings and Love

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  1. “Introvert” and “extrovert” are two extremes, with most people falling in between the two (a bell-shape curve). As any bell-shape curve, the majority of human beings are in the middle. Very few people are pure introverts or pure extroverts. Most of us lean one way or another, but I think the suggestions you gave in the article are good suggestion for anyone who wish to live a conscious life.
    Thank you.

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