New Relationships Are Emerging – In Friendship With A Tree!!

jby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
last week I talked about the amazing ability human beings have to connect and be in relationship with other dimensional realms. One of this realms is the Kingdom of Nature, the weeds, flowers, bushes and trees surrounding us. The conscious interaction between the Nature Kingdom and the human race, is as old as human life itself! Our pagan ancestors worshiped trees. In many traditions in Europe, trees are admired for their magical, healing and grounding powers.

It is known, that Plato and Aristotle received their deepest insights in the olive groves around Athens. Buddha found enlightenment beneath a bo tree, and Isaac Newton realized his “gravity theory” while watching an apple fall from the tree, under which he was sitting.
Scientific research confirmed that simple being in a green environment reduces the human stress level and blood pressure, has a positive effect on mental illnesses, on depression, helps with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), concentration problems, increases your reaction time – as well as deeply nurtures body and soul. The sounds, smells, sights, the texture and the taste of the air tickle our senses, which leads to improved health and well-being.
So tree Hugging is not only for Hippies to the contrary, “let’s make it a fashion trend”!! Hugging a tree can boost our health and the happiness we feel about being alive, so don’t be shy!!
In order to create a new relationship with trees, the first step is to make sure you feel worthy to be their co-creative partner. Relax your mind and body, breath deeply and allow the subtle energies – that are their natural language of all existence – to create an energetic field for connection between you.
Trust and the trees will assist you to open your energy channels and come to inner calmness. This space of presence allows you to feel the energetic exchange. Just play with it! Confidence comes with practice!!mHere is a short list of trees that are especially important for the human race, at this very important point of our collective evolution!

The excess to new dimensions from the BIRCH TREE:
Birch trees support us in our forgiveness process and awaken the energy of new beginnings inside of us. It helps us cleans from the impact of our past. Shamans, Druids and Celtics used the Birch wood tree to enter altered states of consciousness. It reminds us to live our life with purpose and master our personal energy field.

The energies of trust and faith from the CHERRY TREE:
Cherry trees whisper to us about the chance for a new awakening. They support us to remove all obstacles that are preventing our spiritual growth. It is the burning fire of the inner Phoenix, the rising from the ashes of the past. It stands for the cycles of re-birth, the self-creation of a new life after every mental death.

Access to universal energies from the ELM TREE:
Elm trees are channels for the higher vibrations of the divine. They help us get in touch with the invisible world behind the veil of human perception. For our personal soul path, they assist us in hearing our inner voice and to have faith in our intuition. On an energetic level the family collective of the Elm trees is stronger connected to each other, than any other tree species. A brotherhood of trees!

Harmony between heaven and earth from the HONEYSUCKLE TREE:
Honeysuckle is the perfect plant partner to empower the work of healer, light-worker and energy-worker. It awakens confidence for our creations, the use of psychic energies and the magnetic attraction required for manifestation on the material plane. It reminds us of our authentic personal power, our highest potential, the awakening to psychic abilities and the courage to follow our own beliefs.

A gateway between the worlds from the WISTERIA:
Wisteria provides us with a gateway between the human species and the divine realm. It is known as “the ecstasy of the poet”, as it helps us to awaken and draw in inspiration and good vibrations for divinely channeled creative process. The Wisteria flower serves us in the manifestation of our true self, as it activates the heart chakra and the throat chakra. On our path of illumination, it provides the needed spiritual influence to reach a higher state of consciousness.bodhitreegalleryPower for your prayers from the BEECH TREE:
There is a legend reporting that Sanskrit, the most ancient language of prayer, has first been carved on a Beech bark. Therefor the power of the written word, spiritual wisdom, knowledge of the past and a love for literature are associated with this tree. It awakens tolerance and respect for all existence and helps with the alignment to the guidance of your higher self.

Balance between the female and the male forces from the MAPLE TREE:
Maple trees help strengthen our connection between Yin & Yang, the dance of the polarities, the electrical and the magnetic powers. They ground our psychic abilities and spiritual energies. Maple trees help women illuminate their inner fire, and supports men in the awakening of their feminine nurturing nature, their intuition and creativity.

Protection during inner transitions form the ALDER TREE:
The raven, a bird of great knowledge and perception, is associated with the Alder tree. The related element is water. The Alder reminds us by divine law, that everything is constantly in movement. So even when it seams like we are not moving forward at all, we do – only a bit slow. Patients is required now!

Alignment for your chakra centers from the LILAC:
The Lilac is the best partner to use in your meditating practice as it has the potential to connect us with our spirit guides. It attracts the help of protective spirits into our work and its healing power reminds us of the divine beauty within the individuality of all things. When used for aromatherapy, Lilac awakens mental clarity and freedom.

Regeneration and rejuvenation from the OLIVE TREE:
The Olive tree increases our sensitivity, our hope, our joy for life and our deepest longing for peace and harmonious relationships. It helps us develop the courage and honor of a spiritual warrior and is therefor associated with gods and goddesses like Pallas Athena, Poseidon and Zeus. Olive trees support our physical self-healing abilities and spiritual growth.

I wish you nurturing, healing experiences when you are getting in touch with your higher sensory abilities and the frequencies of the tree spirits!!! Note: The strongest connection can be achieved with the joyful, relaxed and lighthearted approach of a child!!!
Have fun playing with our brothers and sisters from the Nature realm!
Blessings and Oneness-feelings!!

Please feel INVITED to share this post on your website or social media, just always keep the credit and links active!! THANK YOU!!

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