09/23/& 09/24 The Frequency Impacts – Numerology Translates

0aby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
I am sure many of you heard by now about the intense impact that we are expecting true a series of astrological events, from today on, till September 28th. Details about this events you can find in today’s astrology report but for now, we want to focus on the impact the daily numerology has on our collective energetic transformation.
Thru numerology we can gain a deeper understanding of the frequencies, that are vibrating as an energy field behind the visible numbers. So numbers in general exist in our world, in order to translate the blueprint of the divine plan for the individual and the collective evolution of humanity. This translation happens in a mix of feelings you experience, situations you attract into your world and energies you suddenly feel triggered to express. This happens, if we are aware of the impact, or not.
So, when we look at the number of the day, we get an impression of a small fragment every human being experiences that day. How this energies play out in your world, depends entirely on your personality traits, current life situation, emotional state, spiritual development and more.
Highly Sensitive people, Indigo Children and Empath are naturally in a higher state of openness and sensitivity for this kind of vibrations. They can even feel the need to help others, by taking on a bigger load than is theirs.
Make sure that you are kind and caring with yourself, when navigating your existence true the energies of the coming days! Take a break as often as you can, lay down if possible and let the strong vibrations sink into your body like baby-lotion. 1709/23/2015 = 22/4
When you look at the day number “4”, you see it is build in three steps the number 2, again 2 and the number 4 as result. The sum or end number shows the energy we feel driven to express, the numbers before the slash are representing the path we are taking to get there. So today’s path is the number 2 – double strong. Today’s most triggering inner voice – is the voice of the vibration number 4.

The number two represents the energies of: CO-OPERATION & BALANCE
From a spiritual point of few co-operation starts in the very center of self, with the inner understanding of the forces alive in every human being. No matter if man or woman.. each one of us is internally… A MAN, A WOMAN, DIVINE & HUMAN – to balance this forces, is our path of self-mastery. Therefor when the vibration 2 hits, we ask ourselves questions like: who we really are, what type of relations we desire, how this internal powers relate to another, how they are intended to serve each other, how we are standing in relationship to our partner, how we see our relation with the world and much more. It is about digging out deeper layers of our internal world, our divine soul, our core family, first partner and school friends…
When expressed in the positive, the energy invites us to open communication, honest exchange, to support each other and celebrate each others success. When expressed in the negative, we are talking about competition, jealousy, deep loneliness, feelings of disconnection and separation.
So watch out not to allow this vibrations into your day! Just enjoy moments of beautiful connection with others, while you keep your boundaries strong and clear!! Make sure not to be effected, if in the presence of people who try the negative expressions on you!! Stay clear to your own truth and desire!!

The number four represents the energies of: STABILITY & PROCESS
For everyday life that means we seek understanding which details of our human needs have to be met, to achieve a feeling of internal stability. Important task is to clear our core values from ideas and concepts from the collective influence of society – and find our own truth. So inner stability is created, when we are well aware of our core values, know what is individually right or wrong for us and, have the clarity courage and strength to act on it. When we do so we experience the constant process of lives events no longer as unsettling or overwhelming, but as one wave after the other – all of them easy to ride.
On a day with the numerology four, we are triggered in themes of: time planing, patience, our perseverance and devotion, trust and trust-worthiness, loyalty, self-mastery, solid foundations, traditional values, honesty, integrity,   realistic values, discipline and maintenance. It is also the number of resonance of the Angelic Realm and an excellent day to make Angel contact. As for the negative – watch out not to get ahead of yourself!! Stability comes from walking one appropriate step after the other!! Don’t loos your focus or direction and, don’t let other peoples emotional instability get to you! Rather take time for meditation and hold space for yourself!

09/24/2015 = 23/5

Tomorrow we start of with the same influence of the vibration two. Again our feelings, thoughts and life situations will accumulate around the themes of relationship, understanding and holding our boundaries, co-creations between all beings and, how to achieve balance in our life. And the number tree brings a brand new frequency into the game.aashyThe number three represents the energies of: SENSITIVITY & EXPRESSION
The ability of human beings to feel at all (only possible in the body) and to express this feelings, in exchange with the world around us. On a day with the number three, people are simple more open to feel. They are more sensitive to their own internal world, but also to the emotions and irritations other people are radiating. We feel inspiration for creativity, our imagination blooms and our passion inflames for authentic self-expression. We feel a deeper need to be heard and to truly reach the other with our communication.
Because of all this big emotional capacity, we need to be even more careful in the choice and use of our words. No other day is that easily an emotional drama on the table, than on a numerology day number three. Sometimes it might be needed to watch our feelings go overboard. If so, be kind and take it with a wink and a smile! Except it happened, forgive yourself and move on!!
Also important to know is that number 3 resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters.  A day 3 is always an open door for a first contact or another visit in the Master’s Realm!

The number five represents the energies of: DISCIPLINE & FREEDOM
So tomorrow day energy comes down to the impact of the number five. For us as THE ONE within the collective, that means to be absolutely disciplined in acting on our higher believes!! The number five is for a human, the moment of internal recognition of our multi-dimensional existence. The moment we understand what it means to have endless opportunities laying in front of you. Our interests are streaming towards: creative solutions, personal freedom, individualism, non-attachment, life lessons learned through experience, our adaptability, the resourcefulness we show, our reliability and life choices we have to make.
More than any other day – you will need your morning meditation!! Multi-dimensional feeling leads in the negative to loosing it completely!  To actions of irresponsible behavior, to inconsistency, unreliability, fear of change, restlessness, inactivity and stagnation. So be disciplined and keep a good connection with your own heart. Stick close to your true values, and inner freedom to act on this higher truth will come from it!!

Hope this insights allow you to navigate more elegant and graceful thru the energies, and that you feel embraced in the knowledge that we all undergo the same transformation!! Read tomorrow what is to be expected from the frequencies active on September 25th!!
Keep breathing deeply! Love and Blessings

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