Overweight – Can I anyway go to a Yoga class??

yoga_instructorby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
in the magical little town I live in, we are a collective of Healer, Personal Trainer, Ascension Facilitator and many, many Yoga Teacher. You can at least find five different Yoga classes the day, offerings of any type and style you can possible imagine.
Last night I was talking to a close friend, a wonderful, beautiful, strong, fire and slightly overweight woman. I was truly shocked when I heard her asking me the question “Can I even take a Yoga class, with my weight”. Apart from the fact that my beautiful friend is literally only 10 pounds over her so called “ideal weight”, it shocked me most – that she would even in the least consider limiting herself because of her weight. Especially as I know her as  a courageous woman, usually unafraid to take whatever she truly desires. It made me think of the million of women out there, who are not jet ready to stand up for their true desires in everyday life. So this is to all of you!!!

The first – and most important news flash is – there is no typical yoga body. Everybody who puts enough effort and perseverance into it, can be successful in experiencing the true effects of Yoga. Best example is the American Plus-Size Yoga Teacher Jessamine Stanley. All the beautiful pictures used in this article are from her Instagram presentation.
aAnd that leads us to news flash number two: the essence of Yoga is not about the physical body, not about looking good, not about loosing weight, not even about bringing more strength to the body. All of this are basically side-effects, that can be used in many different therapeutic ways. But the essence begins where everything else begins, in the mind. It is about finding liberation for limiting believe systems (without actively having to go thru the minds understanding), this liberation than leads to an inner extension – which we notice as sinking in deeper into a Yoga pose, that we where not able to hold just yesterday. That people who practice Yoga since a long time often have a slim and sometimes wiry physical appearance, has rather to do with the mental discipline that comes from regular training in general.
And please don’t get me wrong, a woman born with heavy bone structure, a woman broad in the beam or highly overweight – will never turn into a Prima Ballerina, just because of practicing Yoga.Smash-yoga6Which turns into the news flash number three: For the creation of a brotherhood of men for this world, we have to stop judging each others body and realize – their beauty lies in being the vessel for our divine soul. We need to get out of societies claws of cruelty, comparison and completion with each other. A study from England shows, that over 70% of women feel so afraid of being judged for their physical bodies appearance, they never even start attending the gym or go to exercise classes. How did we manage to get so afraid of each other that 70% of a countries population rather decides to stay at home, than one more time suffer the profound pain other peoples judgement can trigger??
At the same time, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, less than half of the American population actually get enough physical exercise. A lack of physical activity makes us more vulnerable for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer. Is that really worth it?
So be a role-model!!! Get out there and do what you want to do!!! Put your thickest skin on top of your thinnest leggings and book a class, if that is what you truly desire doing. If you want to dance – find a dance class! And if you want to sing – let a teacher train you!

I hope you feel inspired to rush out and take your first class!! And the next time when I take a break at for a Yoga teaching – I expect to meet at least three overweight sisters in my class!!! We want you to become visible sisters of the world!! Go, let your Light shine bright!!
Blessings & Love Edith

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(Photo credit:  Jessamine Stanley on Instagram)


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