Getting your “Pieces Back Together” when Lost in Challenging Energies

a1by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
for this amazing moment of human evolution, spirit guided me to live in a small, touristic country side town called San Marcos La Laguna at Lago Atitlan in Guatemala. In this beautiful little space in the highlands of Guatemala, the most amazing mix of traveler, runaways and spiritual seeker are passing by for a little dose of the special magic, life is providing here. Travelers and seeker that are often coming from the newly arising tribal and festival movements – appearing in big groups, engaged in intense interaction with each other. There are parties, ceremonies, rituals, full moon dances, collective meditation, consumerism, sex, drug and rock ‘n roll. Activities that often lead to emotional entanglements and intensively mixing energies – if people are aware or unaware of it.
On a daily base, I have the chance to meet incredible talented, unbelievable magical, beautiful people from all over the world, many of them Indigo and Crystal Children, who get “lost in the crowd” – unable to hold space for their own energy field. A feeling, triggered by the disconnection of the emotional body and the physical body or the energetic body and the physical body. Now the issue is, that Crystal Children are born with a total inner clarity of our collective Oneness on the energetic level. And Indigo Children are emotionally highly sensitive to the collective, as they are the keeper of the emotional energy field for the Golden Age of Humanity. That makes it harder to navigate their own energy in big groups of people! Crystal Children have a special relationship to space and to respect between each other. This creates the challenge, no to get to irritated when confronted with bully behavior or peoples ignorance to the collectives needs. When weekend in their spirit, this can takes them out of their center and make them loose their power to others.
At the same time are more people re-connect with the deep frequency translation of the universe these days. Thousands of people, tap into the emotional body of this Oneness feeling and experience amazing physical translations. Sometimes translations are experienced as “getting lost”.hipHere are some simple techniques how to get your pieces back together, when lost in the energies of the collective:

1.) When ever you find yourself in the middle of a crowd of people, with no feeling for where your body starts or where it ends, if you lack the ability to identify your feelings as separated from the collective emotional body, or you find your mind engaged in conversations that are alien to the ways you are usually thinking – your breath is what identifies you as separately existing!!!
Our breath allows us the feeling of being “The One”, within the “Oneness”.  As the veil between us all is crumbling more and more, and we are extending into recognizing ourselves again, it’s our breath that will carry  us home. So put your hands on your body. You can embrace yourself or you put one hand on the belly and one on the chest. Give your arms some pressure, so you can really feel your physical body with every breath you take. Breath with an open mouth – deep into the belly, make sure you feel your feet on the ground, increase the pressure on your body if needed and repeat in you mind: “With every breath I take, I am bringing my full awareness into my physical body”

2.) A super effective, practical and always available tool to gain control over your energy body, is “humming”. Take some deep breath and start humming one sound over and over again. Try not to make it a melody, just a sound. It is not for the others, only for your recognition of your body – as sound. Try not to think about what the people might think! There is nothing embarrassing about it! It is easily done and  nobody will care. You can be as gentle and calm with it as you want, indeed the more internal the humming, the more intense the energy will flow.
If your crowd is a business meeting or you are at a public speech you are giving, try and make it to the next toilet!! Lock yourself in a cubicle and hum! Be patient and kind! Take your time and give yourself the luxury of internal life music :-). For sure it has taken you longer to get yourself into this state, than you are aware of, so talk kindly with yourself (in your mind) while waiting for the irritation to pass.

3.) If your crowd is a friendly one and you feel free to seek the help of a neighbor, ask somebody for a hug! Be very clear in the communication about your current need. Explain that you need to be held very tide and that you need to breath in their arms, until you feel your senses all coming back into your body. Make sure you are well understood and that there is no sexual tension involved (if there is any second agenda in the mind of your helper – this energy can have an even more irritating effect on you, in a moment of vulnerability and need. Make sure you choose wisely!!).
When you are in their embrace, make sure your feet are standing strait to each other and fully touch the ground. Make sure your body is standing strait and your breath can flow freely until the feet (don’t allow your bud to stick out like a tail!! the energy can not flow that way!). If necessary, ask your hug partner to put a hand firm against your lower back. If you feel pressure in this part of your body, you will automatically start breathing deeper. Keep breathing deeply – if possible with a sound on the out breath – until you can feel yourself fully arriving in the body.fire4.) In case you get lost in the middle of an outdoor concert, a big festival or anywhere else in nature, look around and scan your surrounding for hand size stones or bigger rocks. Rocks are a very tense manifestations of mother earth, which gives them the power to ground us. Take some hand size stones and hold them. Make sure your feet are both on the ground and your legs are strait. Breath deeply and concentrate on the weight in your hands. After some minutes you will feel the smoothing, grounding and centering effect they have.
If you can sit down, do so! Take two rocks of the size of your feet and step on them. At the same time put a big rock in your lap and allow yourself to feel its weight. Now concentrate on the rocks under your feet, start moving your feet a very little bit and feel the different parts on the surface of the rock. This brings your awareness to the ground and therefor your energy into the earth. The weight in your lap will work with you on this! To intensify the effect of this exercise, you can also combine your mind with your breath and think on every out-breath: I trust myself, I let go, I am sinking in.

5.) All of the above mentioned techniques are much more effective, if you take your shoes of. The rougher the underground, the better! If you have the choice between soft grass and little, spiky rocks – choose the rocks! The very minimal pain will remind your brain that you are a physical being, and set your energy in motion to call all your senses back into body awareness. To make the impact more powerful, remind yourself that it is you challenging yourself! The feeling of “loosing yourself” very often triggers the idea of being a victim of the situation. By reminding yourself of your co-creator role, you delete immediately again the energetic impact of your thoughts, feelings and expressions of victim-hood,  from your karmic records!!1_hippie-movement-is-alive-and-wellI hope you feel inspired and have lots of fun trying out this techniques! Hope you feel safe and well with the immense shifts required from us these days!! If you need assistance in practicing or training the techniques, take a trip to Guatemala!! That’s what I am here for!! Thanks so much to sooo many of you, for sharing my posts! Thanks for your comments and your general interest in our collective awakening! Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place! If you want to sign up for the daily post, you find a button on the right bar. Please also like us on Facebook and keep up the good work spreading the word ;-)!
Love and Blessings

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