6 Things Indigo Child experience different than the Human Collective

indby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
in this intense time of change and transformation it is of crucial importance, that all human beings identify their personal abilities in order to embody who they really are. We need to grow up as gifted spirits, while we are all going through constant frequency waves of opening to a deeper understanding. The time is NOW to become an activist in the shift of the human race into “The Golden Age of Aquarius” “The Golden Age of Humanity”! What does that mean?

If you are an Indigo Child, than you are born with abilities and strength, that not every human being has excess to. Your brain is literally differently wired than the brain of the human collective, in this moment of time. Past pains once healed, turn into your responsibilities in the bigger picture for planet earth. All indigo children are born with high sensitivity and high empathy, and many of them can be identified as Visionaries. Just like all Empath – Indigo Children are born to be self-healer, who by example shall lead humanity into self-empowerment, self-love and oneness.

6 Things Indigo Children experience different than the Human Collective:
You see a situation and know exactly what will happen next. Again and again in your life, you find yourself drown to acknowledge a random situation (on the street, in a restaurant, in your job) and feel immediately the outcome this situation will take.
There are two reasons why Indigo Children are having this increased inner clarity. Many Indigo Children are born as Visionaries and therefore are used to get a glimpse of the future in their everyday life, even that many of them are not aware that this is what is happening. The second reason is a natural insight they posses, when it comes to the divine / hermetic law of CAUSE and EFFECT. Indigos often sense immediately the kind of price a person will have to pay for a particular action, the price usually known by the name of Karma.
indigooooIndigo Children are insightful about the changes we need for the human collective, to become a Brotherhood of Men in Divine Action. Especially when it comes to parenting, governmental institutions, political actions, medical changes, educational development, earth preservation and changes in the mindset about authority figures; Indigo Children usually express, what the collective human race really needs.
You will find more Indigo Children in the “Legalize Marijuana Movement”, the “Permaculture Movement”, the “Natural Building Movement” and so on, than any other people. This makes them seem like “system busters” but it is actually their Divine Purpose in life. During growing up, this character trait can become really uncomfortable for the Indigo Child itself, school systems and the family.

You feel like you are dying from inside, if forced to lie about your true feelings. Indigo Children are emotionally highly sensitive, as they are the keeper of the emotional energy field for the Golden Age of Humanity. They are born with a 100% need for purity and authenticity in their emotional expression. They are very sensitive to the fact that already hiding or true feelings in relationships, is a form of lying and leads to contamination of the energy flow. In every human exchange, they have a deep desire for honesty, purity and authenticity, not easy in our emotionally dysfunctional society. It is a life saver for Indigo Children to set themselves free from any dogmas and limitation about their feelings, and start to acknowledge their colorful inside as their gift to the world – a gift worth learning how to share with others.

You feel music talking to you on a deep vibrational level. Light and Sound are the primary languages of the universe we are living in. Both can be sensed on a frequency level and for Indigo Children this vibrations often translate into direct teachings. Indigo Children are highly sensitive to the manifesting powers of music. If they are unaware and exposed to violent and in vibration negative music, it can lead to the creation of pain and suffering in their life. If aware that the songs reaching out to them, are their inner guidance, Indigo Children tend to follow their lead totally.
For example John Lennon, he was an Angelic Soul and an Indigo Child of an early wave. He could feel the collectives need for a much deeper connection with source, and had the chance to express himself through his art. As a successful musician in the flower power time, his lyrics express the deep desire for a humanity – capable of World Peace, Oneness and Unconditional Love, that is allowed to flow freely between a Brotherhood of Men. The songs Power to the People, Give Peace a Chance, Instant Karma and Imagine – are all Blueprints of Sound – he created for a world, that WE are NOW blessed to manifest.ainYou can hear, see or sense yourself as part of an energetic grid, that is surrounding planet earth. Indigo Children are born to hold the energy of the divine blueprint for the Golden Age of Aquarius. This inner blueprint has been seen in visions by a exorbitant increasing rate of Indigo Children. This sound information is translating as a hologram, that can be sensed as a blue spider-net like grid, spinning its embracing net around mother earth. It is connected to the memories of Lemuria, the perfect harmony between all living beings and the internal balanced between the powers of divinity and humanity, masculinity and femininity. Indigo Children have the tendency to compare all of their experiences to this original blueprint and will not rest, till their surrounding fits this pure, authentic picture of the Divine Will for the human race.

Indigo Children are often loners, outsider or bystander in social systems – as they love to study other people and are fine simple watching a scene. They can easily be misunderstood as anti-social, while they actually deeply love human beings. Just sometimes it is hard to understand human actions, when you are an Indigo Child. Unless they are with other Indigo Children, their tendency is to stay alone rather than being in a group where they feel lost and misunderstood, which would cause them to go within and detach. The better you know yourself and your sensitivity level, the better you can deal with social groups and their opinions. Having a clear sense of self and acceptance for what you truly need, will get you a long way navigating society until we shift into the Indigo World ;-).indogPlease note, this are only six examples to identify your self or others as Indigo Children – it is not a complete list! And, not one name given or expression found, can be absolute or is mend to limit the human ability to imagine even bigger, more beautiful and more shining versions of their own SELF!! They are barely given to help people identify their situation and step up into their own true power and existence. So understanding yourself as an Indigo Child is only helpful, if you adapt your life style and behavior to the needs of your true being– it is not mend to turn into the next illusion or dogma!
Blessings and Love!

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