The Joy Of Traveling Alone As A Woman

noby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
already several times I mentioned to you the beautiful little traveler town San Marcos La Laguna in Guatemala, that my heart calls home. Every year hundreds of people pass by who are following the Maya trails, to get a taste of the special magic our hometown has to offer (it is an energy vortex, where the waves of Lake Atitlan and the winds over the Vulcan’s – called Xocomil – unite all elements into high frequencies for change). Many of the traveler are women, who are traveling alone. When I talked to friends about it I realized, that in western cultures women still think traveling alone is manly a dangerous business – because our culture and social environment tells us so.
But, have you ever asked yourself how much a woman can gain from traveling on her own? How many new encounter one has when traveling alone? How many enlightening moments of inner strength and newly developed courage? This are experiences, that can change ones perspective on life profoundly. Indeed by now science has confirmed, that money spend on making new experiences in life – is rarely regretted. Verses money spend on goods, is a very temporary satisfaction and therefore the impact of joy passes quickly.

Here are some things that change, if you decide to travel on your own:
1.) You will meet tons of new people:
It is simple the nature of traveling alone, to meet new people every single day. When traveling alone our travel pattern change. Most people tend to seek out maybe a hostel or guest house instead of a nice up-class hotel, you might choose when traveling with your partner or friends. Being on the road and having to navigate new countries, culture and maybe even a change in language, can be pretty demanding in times – so it is just natural for a human being to look for help from others. Maybe you find yourself exchanging more words with a stranger to ask for street directions, than you might have talked to strangers in years ;-).. and that is a good thing!!
Just think about it, everyone you met outside your core family was once a stranger!! Once you spend a fun night with people from parts of the world that your parents think are dark and dangerous, people who are from the religion – that in your hometown is seen as the enemy, people who blow your mind with their beauty first – and then you hear they have very opposite political few’s…, you will never be able to go back to your old thought pattern and perceptions. Allow yourself to be inspired by other people stories and sharing, and reach out to what unites you as humans,, and your world will be changed forever!!1_hippie-movement-is-alive-and-well2.) You might develop more flexibility for the flow of life:
When traveling alone and meeting new people, we tend to allow ourselves more freedom in taking in advice and directions from others. Not only can that have a beautiful and long-lasting positive effect on how we co-operate in our relationships, it also leads to changes in plans. You might hear from this amazing, magic place that right now vibrates so purely inside of you that you know, this is where you should be next. That will not only shake up the plans and concepts you might have had about the outcome of your trip, but it will also allow you to align yourself with your divine guidance. To be in the right place, at the right time. Cultural demands have long taken it from women who live in cities, to be naturally connected to our body’s abilities of sensing the rhythms and cycles of life. The feeling for when a wave of birth begins and when it naturally ends. When we travel alone we feel ourselves deeper and are more willing to listen to the needs of our body, mind and soul. And that brings more authenticity and clarity for our everyday life.

3.) You might be re-connected to your soul purpose:
Like I mentioned above, it is helpful to see, that there is a power in “being in the right place – at the right time”, and that is the power that guides us from within – to encounter the next steps of our soul plan. You can not imagine how many stories I heard by now, about how people found connection to the red line in their own life, when they found themselves in a challenging situation while traveling. My own story included! My conscious path of dedication to living a life
guided by my higher-self, started in 1999 when I had quit employment forever and asked myself who I truly am. I was eager for adventure and the wish to learn another language. My decision fell on Mexico, where I learned Spanish (6 years before my inner plan lead me to fulfilling my souls purpose, in the Highlands of Guatemala – a Central American country). While rooming the magical ruins of Palenque, I felt the energy of death present all over the place. I had visions one after the other, from myself in spaces of native and indigenous cultures, I cried through memories of loss and re-birthed myself into the first version – of the person I am today. You see, traveling alone has a lot of the initiating powers of what natives call a “vision quest” – the humans surrender of old ideas and concepts, to a divinely inspired open mind for an ever changing future. ah4.) Which leads us to “overcoming challenging situations” on your own:
There is an immense beauty and strength in being able to co-operate with a partner and live our lives in a shared experience. Especially in this amazing time of change in our collective relationship paradigms, we are eager to be together in oneness. AND the ability to truly “be with someone else” – comes from the ability to truly be with yourself first! It is great to know that your partner has your back – it is even greater to know that “YOU have your back”. Traveling alone might allow you a new level of commitment to “taking good care of yourself”, to truly feel what you need and create strong borders – where you don’t want others to come to close. That are valuable abilities for all of our relationships. And there is nothing more self-empowering than finding yourself in a challenging situation, forced to courageous actions – and overcome your obstacles on your own. This is how Spiritual Warrior are born, so embrace it with all your being ;-)!!!

5. Which leads to realizing abilities and strength, that you always had inside you!
When a woman travels alone, she is reminded of all the small decisions we have to make, so our everyday life runs smoothly. Decisions that normally might be made by the collective of your family, the partner or your friendship circle, now lay wide open in front of you. It is on you and you alone, to make clear choices and than take responsibility for their outcome. That creates a deeper feeling of faith in ourselves and the path we choose to travel. We learn to be better problem solver, when we travel alone. And we might even surprise our-self with one or the other extraordinarily brave, capable and fearless move. When we learn to deeply enjoy our own company and prioritize our own opinion over that of others, an inner freedom settles in that makes space for even more brand new ideas and courageous next steps! The spiral of feeling alive has been set in motion ;-)!wo6.) You may discover that from now on, experience is more important to you than possessions:
Some people think this side effect should come with a warning-sign because indeed, traveling has an addictive character and can make us care much less for material goods. Once you tasted the inspiring air of meeting new people and experiencing things you
never thought of before, you might just have to do it again. These incredible moments are sure to leave an impression inside of you, that whispers to you about more unknown places and unfinished cycles. So the more you travel, spend money on classes you want to take and abilities you want to develop, the more you will prioritize experiences above material goods.
Once you made this powerful realization, there’s no telling how far you might go in developing inner freedom and fearlessness. A woman who realizes how capable she truly is, becomes an example for an independent free spirit in our world. So traveling the world alone can change your life forever, now the question is – do you want that??

I hope you do and one day we meet in the crazy little freak show that San Marcos is, or in any other part of the world!! But where ever you go, I hope traveling will make your life rich of magic and synchronicity and, that it leads you on the path to your true-self! Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place, by being truthful and authentic! 
Blessings and Love!

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