10 Easy Ways to Balance Body, Mind & Soul

17by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the energies are high and the old is pushing to fade away. More than ever it is important for each and everyone of us in this amazing human collective, to stay balanced and centered. Here is
a short list of quite simple things you can do for yourself, to help balance your mind, body, and soul. They are easy enough to integrate into a busy life and will help you feel good about yourself!

1.) Exercise – in order to feel well connected with the emotional body, the physical body needs to move. Have a daily practice that allows you to sweat, breath deeply and feel well in your body.
2.) Practice Gratitude – Focus on all the beauty the positive and helpful in the world. See the things others do for you and appreciate them.
3.) Get plenty of rest – In this amazing time of shifts and quick changing earth speed, the physical body needs time for integration. Make sure you are resting enough to get the vibrations you are downloading, into physical manifestation.
4.) Breathe deeply – Make sure you feel your breath going into your belly and below. Open your body to the trans formative powers of your own breath. Breathing is showing self-responsibility. Make a conscious decision! Again and again and…
5.) Ground yourself – Literally – plant your bare feet on the earth as often as possible. Walk without shoes as often as possible. Plant a tree or a little flower and take care of it.
Feet-Quote6.) Eat organic – Having rich, fresh, organic food helps the physical body to hold on the the higher vibrations that are flooding the earth at the moment. If you need extra weight, add some nuts and vegetables with high fat amount to your diet (Avocados).
7.) Smile more – It feels great :).. It changes the chemistry in your physical body and therefor it is hard to hold on to negative thoughts and feelings. Especially if you feel really bad – smile – not to trick the world, to change your own opinion!!
8.) Live your passion – Find out what makes your heart sing and your soul swing and do more of it!! Spend more time with things that rise your vibration!
9.) Practice Meditation – Meditation is an excellent tool to bring body, mind and soul in alignment and clear your emotional body from contamination. It clears the mind and calms the system.
610.) Spend more time with the once you love – make time in your busy schedule for loving exchange. That helps the immune system and adds strength to the relationship.

Hope you are enjoying life, while you practice, practice, practice ;-)! Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place, by being holding your body, mind and soul in balance! Wish you a wonderful day! Blessings and feel good hugs! Love!

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