6 Abilities An Awakening Men Desires In A Woman

Sacred-Masculine-Feminineby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the other day I had an amazing conversation with a close friend of mine. He is a beautiful man, who I know is seeking awakening within himself. A true love seeker waiting for a chance, to manifest all the amazing things he found inside – in co-creation with a woman in the outside world. Being aware of all that, I was really interested in his feelings about what an awakening man truly desires in women these days. Read below what he shared with me:

1) An awakened man wants your true authentic self:
An man on the awakening path, needs a woman who knows herself. A woman who clearly is aware of her core values, strong and centered enough not to change – just to be with him. A woman who does not feel the need to prove herself to anyone. Not to him, not to the outside world. A woman who knows how to communicate, live and share her desires. He will be grateful to her, as long as she shares her true authentic self with him. The loving, inspiring and embracing parts of your true being, as much as the challenging and not so comforting parts. A woman willing to take full responsibility for her being, and her own feelings.

2) He needs her to generate her own happiness:
An evolved man wants to share his life with a woman, in love with her own life and being. He desires her radiant joy to be present in the room, when ever he is with her. I am not talking about faking it or denying, that there will be tough times. He simply wants her aware enough to know, that she’s responsible for her own happiness. He needs her to live connected to her own inner source of radiance and happiness, and share whatever she generates from this source with the world. A sign of an awakening man!! He is interested in her sharing with the world, not jealously watching her to make sure she is not giving to much away!! In an new world paradigm relationship both partners are aware, that sharing their capacity to love with the world – will also benefit the loving energy-flow within the intimate relationship.anima_and_animo3) He desires to feel her love flowing towards him freely:
I believe this is one of the key-abilities we need to gain back as human collective and, that men AND women deeply desire to feel free again in loving each other. Jesus Christ told us that – we have to become children again – in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. Well, do you remember how it was when you where a child and met your best friend, your closest soul…. how you run to them, how you embraced them with all your being, how you exhaled little sounds of delight – simple for seeing him/her again!!??
This kind of fearless radiant love is it, an evolved man desires to feel from his partner. Willi Nelson expressed this beautifully in one of his songs… “She is not ashamed to be a woman, she is not afraid to be a friend. Loving her is easier, than anything I will ever do again”.

4) He needs her to be supportive:
A man on his awakening path does not think of himself as perfect. To the opposite, if he is wise he knows – growing, shifting and changing is part of our existence here on earth and where we failed yesterday – already today we have a chance to succeed. That is why he needs his woman to love him unconditionally, while she needs to be profoundly aware of his imperfections. He wants her to help him hold his own inner light against them, so he feels the freedom to evolve – free of judgment about his former words and deeds. He needs her to hold her own space – never abuse herself to “safe” him, AND to be there when ever she can – to share her authentic truth. He wants her to hold him accountable to his highest potential as a man, in a loving and respectful manner. And he needs her to call him on his bullshit, if she sees him acting out of integrity or playing small in his life.

5.) Honest and clear communication:
The one thing that woman need to understand is, most men aren’t equipped to read minds and also not to read subtle clues. Evolved couples communicate!!! They do so – in a deeply vulnerably manner, with appreciation for each others differences and, with the ultimate goal of creating a win-win situation for both. Man need to get out of their comfort zone, and talk about their feeling. Women need to stop throwing hints and manipulating, and choose an honest expression of their own authentic desire instead. An intimate relationship is a powerful tool for personal evolution. An awakening man knows to appreciate, that he’ll always be growing and evolving – if he has a truthfully communicating partner at his side.sea6) He needs her feminine surrender:
Now don’t get me wrong, this is not about regressing to surrendering your fate to “the man”. It is about giving our deepest inner feminine energies, to the deepest inner masculine energies of our partner. It is about the ability to relax into his embrace and trust him. To let him feel – that what ever happened between “MEN” and the woman he is dating in this very moment, you trust him NOW. And that you will do everything to protect your mutual relationship, from the negative impact you might still carry inside from former relations. It is about opening this beautiful flower of life, every woman’s body and mind is, and allow him to enter with his whole being. An awakening man desires a woman who trusts his commitment, to serving a life purpose beyond his own little tyrant ego’s wishes. No hidden corners, no back-doors, no withholding, no negotiations; than you are truly his and he is truly yours!!

So Ladies “Good News”!! The bigger picture is quite simple, an evolved man doesn’t actually want anything in particular from a woman other than her authentic self! I hope this conclusions bring inspiration and hope into your life!! And, that your next relationship will be based on values co clear and strong, that it may last, and last, and lastThank you for making the world a more beautiful place with your courage!!
Blessings an Love ;-)!


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  7. Great Article <3 .. I came across your article here on FB this morning with link (below) 🙂 but .. well sometimes I think I write for myself, I guess we all do ? .. and I guess this proves to me that we don't 🙂 .. after seeing that I am the only one so far that's liked your post on your page I had to share it with you.. on FB "Sacred Dreams" page it has 285 likes so far and 129 shares <3 & I thought you should know cause this kinda thing makes a big difference to us .. well to me anyways .. the difference between do I keep writing or ???? YIKES ..
    Also glad I found you again, I thought I had followed you some time ago, but ? This time it definitely says following in the little pop up box 🙂
    Love Light & Abundant Blessings to you

    • Dear Maia, thank you so much for your kind message.. and sorry for the late reply… happy you found me again, and i hope my articles keep providing helpful information.. glad also you let me know about the fb page.. I asked them to please at least credit in future;-).. hope you will enjoy what the future brings on this page ;-)..
      Love Light & Blessings right back to you!! Edith

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