Soul Family, Soul Mates & The New Relationship Paradigm

Lovelyby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
as I reported over the last few days, we are already entering the next intense frequency shifts, which will go on until November 11th. Still integrating the harmony and balance between the divine masculine and divine feminine forces, and getting a first idea of how the new relationship paradigm in our sexuality feels like, we are navigating towards deepening our understanding of our Soul Mates and Soul Family. So let’s take a look at what that means. Talking to clients and friends, I often hear the idea that a Soul Mate is a perfect romantic partner. A person that will fulfill every aspect of their being. A being completely in synchronicity with all their desires, who will make them happy and never do wrong. That is an illusion!!!!
Truth is that Soul Mates come in any shapes and sizes, and are not even always pleasant people in our life. A Soul Mate is simple a member of your Soul Family. In your everyday life, they can appear as family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, lovers or even enemies. Our souls know each other and they have been with us in many situations true the spiral dance of creation. They can be part of the wheel of Karma – that we are here to overcome, can be part of the people we have a contract with – to help us / help them overcome Karma, or can be part of our new manifestation of authentic co-creative relationships for the Golden Age of Aquarius.
Which means number one in understanding is, there is not ONE soul mate that we will meet in this life. To the opposite!!! We have a big, wide spread family of soul and heart, and we meet them when ever the divine plan we created together, is guiding us to the right moment and place. Sometime we know them all our lives, as they manifest as a member of our family. Sometimes we just meet them randomly for a short period of time, in order to learn especially difficult life lessons and universal truths. And sometimes they are mend to be our personal life partner.bjkDepending on the spiritual development of our soul, we meet with our soul family in order to heal, transform and develop our divine abilities and help the members of our soul family to do the same – or even to gather in a tribe of divinely inspired awakened souls, in order to collectively shift energies for the entire human race. In either way, we share lessons and moments of bliss with them, we learn to grow spiritually and finally feel our wholeness as single human being, within a collective group – whenever we are with members of our soul clan.
A strong indicator that you met a person of your soul family is, when you feel a sense of familiarity from the first moment on. A kind of deep understanding of the other person, and a feeling that you are both on the same ‘wave length’, in your mental and emotional bodies. What also often occurs are dejavu’s (inner pictures that seam to mirror the situation you experience in the present moment – but feel like they belong to another lifespan) or the strong feeling that we have known each other since lifetimes. All that are signs of meeting a member of our Soul Family!

How ever the situation, Soul Mates and Soul Family members are always people who either invite or challenge us to learn important teachings of unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude, divine bliss and satisfaction. No matter how fleeting the encounter with each of this souls might be, the impact is always one of transformation, divine purpose, spiritual growth or deep healing. The most important thing to do when you meet a member of your soul family, is to spent time with your feelings and see if you can catch a sense for what kind of contract it is you two have. Especially when it comes to meeting people from the opposite sex, the deep underlining rivers of soul connection and the feeling of being drown to another by the profound familiarity, can easily lead to confusion about the quality of this relationship. Make sure you let friends be friends, colleges be colleges and show patients until you feel that “this is the person that is mend to be my partner right now”, in case you desire a love- relationship with a Soul Mate in this life!!cubeI hope my words have brought a bit more clarity into the questions around Soul Mate and Soul family members! I hope this awareness will serve you in identifying the members of your tribe with more clarity! And that you may find, what ever your soul is looking for in this world, by listening to the guidance of your divine guides and angelic helper!! Being at the right time in the right place, is all it takes.. the rest you can leave to them ;-)..
Courage, Love and Blessings!

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