Forgiveness & The Violet Flame

violby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the other day I talked about the violet flame of ascension, transformation and purification. I also shared, that our awareness of this powerful tool in combination with conscious breathing, allows us to master the alchemy of the sacred inner fire. Allow me today to add some words on forgiveness and its liberating powers. Forgiveness is, as everything in our multidimensional existence multiple layered in our lives. On one hand it is simply a feeling. It is the permission to move on from past pain, a kick-off for change from inside, a step into the creation of a balanced emotional body, and much more. On the other hand, it is the consciously chosen, ultimate decision to stop dwelling over memories and past events, stop thinking it over one more time and then one more… and finally allowing the mind to rest.
It is also a discipline of the mind to take responsibility for all creations we are part of. The decision to actively use the power of thinking divine thoughts, in moments of inner darkness. A step to higher understanding and guidance by the spiritual realms. This is not always easy.  As the old paradigms are crumbling fears and well known pattern fall away, we find ourselves more and more relying on our daily leap of faith –  in order to stay on the magical side of life. As a daily tool, I recommend working with the violet flame from the Ascended Master Saint Germain. Your inner world is build from the elements (platonic solids) and understands fire thru the sensory self better, than your active mind is able to! Whenever you feel emotionally triggered, insecure or unstable..   imagine the presents of the violet flame in your energy field. If you are not used to work with energies jet, don’t try to push it!! Just keep practicing until you are able to really feel the effect. Be patient and kind with yourself and simply open inner doors for the possibility! germainYou can even create for yourself a forgiveness ritual. Try the following steps:
Sit down in a quiet surrounding and take time to contemplate all the things you want to let go off. All the things you hope to transform and lift into a higher understanding. Write about the people, situations and impacts you want to forgive and be as clear and authentic as possible with your feelings. It is important to express yourself in a truthful manner. I mean “don’t be fake friendly” – if you feel like saying … this stupid as hole has done me wrong… but I finally want get over that, so I gonna forgive it anyway!… do so). Plus, don’t forget yourself on the list!!! For everything you feel there is a for forgiveness, you also need to forgive yourself for attracting the possibility into your life in the first place. That makes you the creator of your past, rather than a victim of karma.
When you feel like your list is done, make a little fire. Stand up in front of it. Breathe deeply with the awareness of the violet flame in your mind. Maybe even speak the Saint Germain prayer first. Allow yourself to feel your emotions first hurting for a last time, than clearing while you read your list for the last time. When you are done reading, continue with the sentences below!!! Than burn the papers and watch the change happen!! Act from that moment on in the awareness that the change has already happened on energetic level, and will show itself in your reality – when the time is right and the fruits ripe!


I forgive myself for judging myself and others.

I forgive myself for all my simple, human mistakes in life.
I forgive myself for every time I dropped the awareness for my own divinity.
I forgive myself for not taking care enough of my inner child.
I forgive myself for not remembering the powers that are lying within me.
I forgive myself for holding on to my pain for such a long time.
I forgive myself for not loving the creator that I AM.
I forgive and move on – NOW!

I hope this steps help you make friends with the divine tool forgiveness, and the prayers are supporting your transformation. I wish you courage, when you surrender to the deep love and vulnerability inside of you! The power for our liberation comes from within and there is no way around forgiveness, on the path of self-mastery! Keep breathing and trust the process!!!
Blessings an Love!


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  1. Perfect!!! I just had a powerful cleansing down load last night using the violet Triangle… So I am receiving more information,that heightens my awareness. Thank You✨✨✨💫


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