The Violet Flame & Lady Portia’s Initiation into Higher Frequency Levels


by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
somehow my article about awakening the inner alchemist in the violet flame of the Ascended Master Saint Germain, turned into a cycle of articles that I feel ending today with the power of the Goddess Lady Portia. Don’t forget you can always intensify the effect of your work by combining the masters violet flame with conscious breathing!! If you made the steps of choosing forgiveness for yourself and worked on healing your  Family Tree with the violet flame and the Hoʻoponopono, and made the conscious decision, to show yourself more kindness with the help of the Ascended Master Kuan Yin – than it is now time to  study and integrate the divine qualities of Lady Portia.
Lady Portia is known as the Goddess of Justice and Opportunity, but even more important she is the Ascended Master of Initiation to the next level of higher vibration. She represents the quality of divine justice – the execution of the Divine / Hermetic Laws on planet earth. She is the twin flame of Saint Germain on the Seventh Ray of Transformation, Freedom and Transmutation. She belongs to the Counsel of the Lords of Karma  her symbol is the scale which requires harmony and balance in the inner world. In contact with her energy field, you can ask for all karma from the spiral dance of creation to be released on every level – physical, mental emotional and spiritual, in every dimension and in every reality and universe. One of her most important skills is to test every human being that is consciously rising there vibration, at the gateway to higher frequency levels. These tests are not always experienced as comfortable situations in our life, but they help us not to go to quick and push ourselves within the process and really integrate the use of tools we learned into our daily life behavior. She also helps those who want to balance their heart and their head, all who seek mercy and forgiveness for injustice or false judgment. Working with her energetic support, allows you to develop a more refined feeling for divine timing in our life. The Art of being “in the right place – at the right time.

Know that every initiations is an intense processes of change in your energy.
No task that comes to you is random.
It appears because you have the knowledge and skills now, that are acquired to master this situations.
Use the forces of your conscious I AM awareness wisely!
Here you are.
The night sky full of stars. The air is clear and cool.
A feeling comes up.
The feeling that something very special will happen soon.
An idea, a bit of joy and a bit of fear.
Like a shadow in the night, the unknown comes along.
You are ready.
You know, it serves you and your growth.
It is the next step.
Portia stands at the threshold to test your faith,
for the next level of your TRUE BEING.
Something dies and a new beginning is born.
Get ready!!!
Use the forces of your conscious I AM awareness wisely!


I call forth right now the beloved Master Lady Portia,
to anchor and activate the purity of the Divine Mother
into my entire consciousness now and forever,
and SO BE IT!!
Repeat 3 times minimum

Beloved Portia help me remember upon awakening all that will help me
to fulfill my mission on earth and supports the mission of my twin flame.
I accept this call manifested through the power of the Christ Consciousness.
Grateful for this realization I accept my call,
in the name of my divine I AM Presence.



the Alpha and the Omega of the twin flame
the crystalline light bodies of myself and my beloved
manifest here in action NOW!

the Alpha and the Omega,
the beginning and the ending
in the eternal spiral dance of wholeness!

I hope you feel encouraged to make your personal contact with the energetic world of the Ascended Masters, they are such wonderful companies on a personal path of ascension and are waiting so patiently for us behind the veil – the time is NOW!!! You deserve to feel the amazing inner peace, unconditional love and divine bliss, that comes from being friends with the spirit world!! Keep breathing deeply, keep praying until all your hopes and dreams become your daily reality, and be brave and wise when Portia stands at your door step to test your will for a life in a Golden Age of Aquarius – a world of peace and equality of ALL BEINGS !!
Blessings an Courage ;-)! Edith

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