Lucid Dreaming & The Ascended Master Ashtar Sheran

suenoby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the other day I shared a posted called 7 signs your spirit guides are present. In this article I talked about our dreamworld and how vivid dreams up to lucid dreaming, are signs of your contact to the other world. While more and more intense high vibrating energies are filling the collective human consciousness, our collective dream body is also growing. That means, now is the time to tap into the collective downloads from the Sirian Masters, for the evolution of all human being into the energy frequencies of the Golden Age of Aquarius. Our minds again are making a quantum leap in understanding, and our physical bodies are preparing to shift the Human DNA to 12Strands. In our collective process the active interaction with our dreamworld, becomes more and more important for many truth seeker on the planet.
So lets take a look at what it means to use your dreams for conscious contact with the realms of Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters. To be able to remember our dreams is the starting place for learning how to lucid dream (the difference is your active ability to change the experienced situation within the dreamworld). In order to be able to recognize your dreams as dreams – while they are actually happening, you have to be familiar with the way your own dreamworld work. Especially if the tool of dream interpretation is new to you and you are still developing your dream recall ability, it is crucial to keep a daily dream journal. Keep the journal handy by your bedside table and record every dream you do remember, no matter how fragmentary they might be. Start by writing down every single detail of your dream memory.
Don’t try to understand the dreams or bring them in a mentally understandable order. Just write everything down – even if all you remember are peoples faces or a fracture of a scene. If you awaken in the night and recall what you were dreaming, write it down right away. The more direct emotion is reported in your journal, the more powerful are the insights that are coming from this messages. If you don’t write them down right away, they are loosing their original power. In the morning you may find that you remember nothing about the dream, at least you will most certainly have forgotten many interesting details. In case your information comes in the middle of the night and you don’t feel like writing to much, make sure to at least take short notes – so you don’t loose the insights. Most important is to journal every dialogue you might have in your dreams. Words are of little substance in the dreamworld, but they are also rare and therefor even more important and significant.00EGetting plenty of sleep is an important step to recall your dreams well. The human brain is changing the dream pattern within a longer sleep period. The longer your resting time during the night proceeds, the longer and closer together also the dream phases are. The first dream of the night is the shortest, no more than 10 minutes in length, while after 8 hours of sleep, dream periods can be up to 45 minutes and an hour long. We all dream every night! If people say they never dream, than it simply means that they never can remember their dreams – but that can be trained. A simple and very effective way to increase your dream memory is, to consciously remind yourself as you are falling asleep that you wish to remember what ever you experience in your dreams. The more trained you are in the skill of remembering that your are dreaming – while you are dreaming the stronger your conscious influence on the dream will be.
If you desire to make contact with the realms of Ascended Masters and Angels during your dream period, call in the Cosmic Master Ashtar Sheran. He is a spiritual being of higher consciousness, further known as the cosmic guard of spirit. He comes from a highly spiritual society in the fifth dimension of Heaven, the star system of the planet Venus. He is a special guide to Indigo and Crystal Children and connects us with the conscious use of our Merkabah vehicle, the awakened Light Body in action. If you desire so, he will teach you how to use your light body for conscious dreaming and traveling in the universal realms.

From the point of light of the sacred heart of the Divine Mother,
I ask you to remove the illusion of separation.
From the point of light from the council of the creator,
I shatter all illusion, all control pattern and programming
and through my own responsibility I set myself completely free.

From the very core of Divine Love I now command to remove my crown of enslavement.
From the highest essence of the divine Father and the divine Mother,
I accept the crown of freedom and glory.
I now take in the template of divinity and the holy light,
and find myself capable to receive divine blessings.
So it is now and through eternity

lucHow ever you choose your first contact with the dreamworld to be, keep doing what you are doing! Positive development needs a while sometimes! Go back to your journal from time to time and read all your writings. Try not to use your brain to much in that process, but see if you can read your messages with the sensory abilities of your physical body. That will allow insights, clarity and the desired messages from your subconscious to unveil themselves, and bring information that your mind alone would not be able to understand. After a little while you will get better and better in reading the meaning of the messages that come to you, from the depths of your own unconscious mind.

I wish you all a wonderful time hanging out with your spirit guides in the dreamworld!! Hope you are brave and blissful in your approach to get in contact and that you may develop a long-lasting relationship. Don’t forget you deserve to feel the guidance, unconditional love and kindness of the Other World!! Keep breathing deeply – and take in all the beautiful blessings they are providing for you!
Blessings an Love ;-)!

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