The Ascended Masters For World Peace Kuthumi & Surya


by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
by now many of you know that I am a big fan and close friend of the Ascended Master Realms. So it is just logical for me, that after the resent world events, I feel the need to introduce you to Master Kuthumi and Master Surya, the Ascended Masters for World Peace. Allow me to remind you, that the violet flame of transformation and transmutation, the Master Saint Germain and all the other representatives of the divine violet fire, are now more needed than ever. We need to stay focused and work with perseverance on all the feelings that are coming up!! Keep diving deeper into the art of conscious breathing and be courageous when it comes to creating your peaceful world!!
Master Kuthumi is our current World Peace Teacher, a member of the Great White Brotherhood of Masters and representative of the Golden Age of Aquarius, the Earth plane of unconditional love, peace and a brotherhood of men. He is the energy field we internally need to manifest, so our Heart Charka can open to divine expressions of High Vibrations of Love and Deep Peace. Master Kuthumi serves as the door-keeper of the, , as the protector of the Holy Grail (our ancient quest for the I  ), his energy supports ancestral wisdom to re-emergence and, to those who study the world’s religious believe systems – he offers higher understanding of the written word.
Right now in this intense wave of impact, many feel his call to make a leap of faith and to find peaceful solutions for all our collective challenges. To collectively evolve from a place of rage, revenge and vengeance to higher vibrating beings. And to awaken to our personal soul’s knowledge and purpose for a world in balance, harmony and peace.

Kuthumi Messages:
“The ultimate goal of life is perfecting ourselves… it all starts, with the peace within you”.

“Begin spreading peace in your own environment and know – criticism for others is best accompanied with divinely inspired higher vibrating actions of your own”

“And as some of you may not know, I come specifically on a mission to assist you in the resolution of your psychology, your relationships and your ties to Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit. I will always come to you when you call to me”.

“And, yes, I will be a part of your ‘master guiding forces as you form tight alliances with trusted friends, devotees on the Path with whom you share a crystal clear vision of a the world to come, with whom you have plans for a specific project all over the world”.index

Master Kuthumi Prayer
I AM Light, glowing Light,

radiating Light, intensified Light.
My inner flame consumes my darkness,
transmuting it into my Light.

Flowing through me is a crystalline river,
  a living and moving fountain of love.
  I AM a unique expression of the divine.
I AM a mighty river of Light.

Flooding the world everywhere
with blessings, peace and unconditional love

Surya is one of the Master Teacher from our sister planet Sirius, the planet of the divine blueprint teachings for the Golden Age of Humanity. He is the Elohim of the First Secret Ray, the ray of the Akasha Chronic, and he is serving humanity in the creation of Wold Peace on Earth. His power is the intense blue tinged and white “Flame of Peaceful living” from the Great Central Sun. His energetic presence is best invoked through the Gayatri mantra.

Surya Messages:
“When the time of World Peace comes humanity will be lifted to new heights of vibration, by the conscious use of Music”.

“ The incoming vibrations, the Music of your Higher-Self, will provide some powerful healing to man’s emotional, mental and physical bodies”.

Gayatry Mantra

suryaGayatry Mantra Meaning:
May our intellect bear THAT Supreme Consciousness which embodies and protects the Vital-Spiritual energies, eliminates the Sufferings, embodies Happiness, and THAT which is- Self-Luminous, Divine Brilliance of Ultimate Creative Source. Best of the best, most virtuous cleanser of all our imperfections, aggregate of all Divine Virtues and Strengths, propel our intellect on the Divine-righteous path to unfold spiritual potentiality and enlightenment.

I hope this words are motivating and encouraging for you!! That the prayers and invocations are inviting you to create your own connection with the calming energy field of this beautiful brothers from the Master Realm!!  And that you take the leap of faith into your version of peacefully creating The Golden Age of Humanity. Don’t forget to keep breathing deeply when you start feeling the presence of the Masters surrounding you!
Blessings an Love ;-)!

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