The Ascended Master Ling – Channeling Divine Bliss Into A Troubled World

budagifby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
while the intensely challenging frequencies of yesterdays Gemini Full Moon are still hanging over our heads and our Angelic Friends are working overtime to support these collective mini step into the Golden Age of Aquarius, another loving source is stepping up to our support – The Ascended Master Ling, with his energy field of Divine Bliss. The stronger we can stabilize our own awareness in his happiness – and in the hope that we feel for the world we create together right now, the stronger our inner light will lead us the way home to our heart. When we combine the Invocation or Prayers to the Master with inner clarity and focused  awareness of our conscious breathing process, more and more imprints of Divine Bliss manifest in our lives.
Master Ling is a loving source of assistants for each of us, who calls him into his awareness. His message: it is easier to learn how to shield our awareness, than to clear our energetic field from disharmonious thoughts and feelings of the world, once they entered our conciseness. His green and golden light combines the I AM Presence of the second divine Golden Ray, the ray of Buddha Gautama service to the world, with the fifth divine ray of Healing – which is lead by the Ascended Master Hilarion. Two of his former incarnations are named as the lives of Moses, and Ananda (the favorite student of Buddha). You can use the examples below to make your contact with his sacred, healing and uplifting spirit.

the powerful radiant electronic energy frequency
that my physical body, my emotional body, my mental body
and my light body, unites
I stand firmly in the Golden Light
Divine Bliss radiates inside me, through me
and around me to everyone in this world27MASTER LING PRAYER
Beloved Master Ling,

penetrate me with your powerful radiation of divine bliss, Now!
I call on you with a sincere heart, lead me and all people of the world
to a life as pulsating suns of divine expression
Increase our Light and help us shine
until we are freed from the chains of darkness
Please also direct your powerful radiation,
into the awareness of all responsible leaders of our present governments.
Support them with your light
Let it shine, shine and grow until they too,
become ambassadors and regents of light and love
Thank you, Master of divine power
I thank you sincerely for your work
Help me and all people that your radiation reaches,
to accept everything you give, with all our heart
Help me develop the power to implement your Divine bliss in my daily life

I hope you feel more and more at ease, when feeling the presence of the other world. That you have fun working with the prayer and invocation and feel encouraged to explore Master Ling’s energy frequency, to top up your happiness level. Don’t forget, the deeper we dive into the authentic expression of our true self, the more light we bring into the world!!! Keep up the faith, that the peace we focus on with so much passion these days – has to manifest over time!!!
Love, Blessings an Light!

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