7 Signs Your Calling Is To Actively Transform Human Consciousness

34by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the last two days I shared with you how it feels to find your personal healing way as a Western Shaman, when left without advice and training. Many who found their personal path over the last few years, are by now working as Healer and Therapists, supporting the collective transformation of human consciousness. But there are more contracts out their in this big universe, than becoming a Shaman. Many are called to find their own simple, effective ways in their everyday life, to become an active flame of change and evolution within the human collective.

Here are 7 signs that you are called to consciously transform Human Consciousness:
1.) Do you sense that something is out of balance and alignment in the world right now? Do you feel a burning desire to be a part of the solution? Do you receive visions of the Golden Age of Aquarius, a more beautiful, authentic and collectively happy time for all humanity? Do you feel like it is your sacred purpose or divine calling, to help bring it into being?

2.) Have you ever had an experience of life-altering impact, that completely changed the direction of your life, and transformed you forever? Do you feel like this event maybe even only happened to you, so you can use that experience to help others? Do you sense already how this help possible could look like?

3.) While you feel drawn to support the human collective evolution and feel capable to do so, you can get very easily drained by to much social contact or in general by bigger groups of people. Especially to listen to superficial communication, feels like it takes the life out of you. You need regular periods of solitude to “charge up the batteries” your inner connection with “SELF”.

4.) You might also be born with the gifts of a visionary, and receive advice from your spirit guides for innovative ideas that could make the world collectively a better place. Often this innovative visions are circling around human health, the development of medical tools, social improvement, the preservation of the earth and community building.475.) You are in a mysterious love affair with the abundant colors of life, and the way they make you feel. Especially violet, royal blue, baby pink, gold and green are attractive for you. You might even have an inner picture or an inner feeling for a violet or internal golden light, when ever you use your mind to create transformation for the world.

6.) You feel an intense connection with certain types of natural environments, such as the ocean, mountains, or forest. You have a deep love for plants and love spending time with gardening, to the point that you can feel empty or depressed without the chance to be among nature. You might even feel the urge to prevent plants from suffering and pain.

7.) Over the last years, especially since the end of the Mayan Calendar, you constantly feel that the mission you are sensing, is getting closer and closer to be unveiled. We are a very big collective in this moment of time and the transformation of us, this massive mass, is limited to a certain time-frame. That is the reason why people with such a calling, are feeling time pressuring them to evolve. It is true, the “team change” needs every member that can possible manage to awaken!! So get up!!!

Beloved once, if you find yourself in resonance with the things you heard, than it might be time for you to contemplate your personal ways of healing. Your deepest desires for change within the human collective, into the Golden Age of Humanity. When you found your truth – start walking your path, sharing your passion, and the perfect people to fulfill your dreams with, will show up to support your journey! I hope my words will inspire you to take a chance and make a leap of faith, into the unfolding of your amazing personal abilities!!! Love and Blessings

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  2. thank you very much edith, for writing this. it is an amazing point of view, which we amoungst the stars share with other stars, as we feel a greater compassion for our mama earth and are inspired to revel in the beauty that makes us who we are, in all ways imagining. love to you, and namaste’

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