8 Common Life Changes on the Awakening Path


by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
what ever is going on in your life at the moment, remember that you are not alone. We are on a wild collective ride into manifesting our desired future, for this Golden Age of Aquarius. And while each and everyone of us is on their truly unique and individual path of awakening, there are many common situations, people collectively report on the 12 stage to Ascension. Of course it is impossible to awaken and keep seeing the World as we did before. The many veils of illusion in our society, our momentary governments and mainstream media institutions, step by step unveil their truth behind the projected picture.
In the past weeks I talked about being brave in identifying our calling, about having a conscious part in the Collective Awakening Process. How forces like the Angelic Realm or the Ascended Masters are our constant silent supporter, and how to identify the signs – when our spirit guides are present. All possible tools for personal connection to our universal intelligence. When we use them wisely, we easily find the right rhythm and timing for our next step in evolution. Some of the common life changes, that pretty everybody experiences along the way – are listed here:

1 ) A deep Desire for a New Relationship with Yourself

For most people the personal Path of Ascension or Path of Awakening starts with an accident, a rock bottom situation or the death of a beloved person. Moments where everything we knew to be “our reality” is falling apart, and the old safety nets don’t have our back anymore. For me that was when I turned 30, looked around in my life, my fancy job, my fitting cloth and felt like I am standing at a wall. A wall that is limiting my very being into all the pictures society, family and media had told me to be. It felt challenged to decide if I gonna stay stuck and blocked at that wall and let it slowly kill me, or if I would grow some guts and will power, and break down the wall. By now that lead to 17years of conscious revolution in me. Of ending the voices of self sabotage or self depreciation, and turning them into loving helper, humble prayers and compassionate space holder! Remember – your Love and Compassion is not complete, unless it includes yourself!!

102.) A Desire to Heal the Relationship with your Family

This is what collectively everybody needs to do, to clear, clean, heal, transform, enlighten (how ever you want to call it), the profound impact of our childhood, that is sitting in our physical root chakra. No matter if we had a loving environment and a humanly supportive system in our core family, or if we experience great trauma – the family’s needs are – the first collective demands that are putting pressure on us – are the first collective power we bow too. In all of us are bits and pieces of true self not unveiled, still deformed, still imprisoned, by the ways – how our core family used to deal with lives challenges and blessings. Plus, if there is a desire for a profoundly authentic love relationship in us, we must create healthy relationships with our parents and family first. That does not mean we have to invite toxic family members into our lives, but it means we need to do all the forgiveness work it takes – to set ourselves free from the mutually created past. Forgiveness is a combination of taking self-responsibility and claiming personal freedom.

3 ) Letting go of Unhealthy, Toxic Relationships

This step is for most of us, one of the hardest things we ever have to do. To distance ourselves from childhood friends, long term friends, life partners or family members, that are unhealthy or even toxic for us. People who we truly love and care for, who are not willing or able to life in a healthy relationships with us. This act of distancing is a fine line with many degrees of differentiation, depending on the person and situation. At the core of our root chakra, is the ability of all human beings to abuse every wonderful, God given thing, person, animal,…. in the world. When we come to the point in our personal development where we decide to work everyday on our self-improvement, our communication skills and community building abilities, than we need to surround ourselves with people who are doing the same. That does not mean don’t ever help and support your friends anymore, it rather means to be aware of how much of their drama you can truly handle – and immediately retreat, when you are hitting your personal borders. That way you can still be the family helper, and stay in a healthy self-loving relationship at the same time. And only if it is truly necessary you have to cut people loos completely.

tre4 ) A need to Constantly Change your Diet

In my medicine work over the last 7years, I experienced the challenge that the growing clarity in my physical bodies sensory self, also screamed for constant adaptations to my diet. One day my body wanted to eat root vegetables only, another one only leaves and fruits where ok for him. It was a daily challenge to find out what would support my energetic body this day. And it is for most of us that way.
When the physical organs are undergoing a cleansing process from stored memories, our human DNA also starts changing – to prepare itself for higher vibrations. This can be experienced as very uncomfortable and even painful in times. To deeply listen to our bodies daily desire for the right combination of the day, can give our awakening process an intense extra boost.

5.) Turning into a Student of Life

When we dig deep into our individual awakening, we become more and more passionate for finding “Our Truth”. We turn into constant seeker for a profound understanding, of the deeper nature and pattern of life. Most of us can spend hours in solitude, just for the fun of contemplating life as we see it, the people who we know, and our own role in the invisible connections of the bigger plan. We keep opening our mind and extending our comfort zone, over and over again – for the sake of our mental entertainment and the collective human evolution. We become more flexible in our personal experiences. If we keep learning about life itself, and the endless creative expressions human beings find – to bring their personal part into the mix.

6) A need to Travel maybe even Live in a Different Culture

The Dalai Lama said “Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before”.  After we started digging deep in our personal little family clan, friendship circle and social field for ideas and concepts, that do not fit our experience or desire for this world – we naturally develop a curtain curiosity to explore how many more illusions, fears and separating thoughts, there might be discovered in other cultures. This can come as the quiet call to pack your bags and travel the world for a while, that can be a very clear message from a particular place or the urgent demand to go and live in a different place. This is how it happened for me. After I had spend year of training’s, coaching hours and seminar visits and still had the feeling my life is not mine, I asked my guides for my soul path. The answer came crystal clear, that I will not ever find the fulfillment of my soul’s purpose in my birth country. Within a week Guatemala came to me in a meditation, and provided me a loving second home ever since.aa

7 ) Letting go of Material Goods

I discovered that this is often a scary thought for people from western cultures. To let go of material things, that are truly not needed at all. Of all the little decoration pieces and memory holder, we have gathered so much emotional energy with. But the problem is exactly that, that many of our material goods like pictures, diaries, present we received, and so on…, also carry a high level of emotional attachment. Traveling helps us put things into perspective. We start realizing that many people on this planet not only survive, but very happily live with much less than we have. We can let go of the little daily attachments we might be used to follow in our household, without noticing our actions. And than, when we are back at home, it is more gracefully possible to say “Adios” to things, feelings and memories, that do not support our desired future and growth process any longer.

8 )  Creating work that vibrates with your Soul’s Desire

Did you know that one of our psychological human archetypes is “the prostitute”? The part in us that is willing to sell out our own personal truth and authentic feelings, for something, someone, some situation – we “think we can profit from”. That is the part that keeps people in unhealthy relationships, empty careers and soul raking agreements. After a while of walking an authentic soul path of awakening, we can’t do that anymore. Our need to express ourselves truthfully, honestly and authentically, stands in direct opposition to selling ourselves out. So there is a moment where the prostitute takes her last breath and we go out to find a work, that allows us to bring our beauty and abilities into the game. That does not mean we all have to be self-employed and run a business, just to find the one thing – that allows us to truly shine.

I hope this words will inspire you to be courageous, to make all the change and leaps of faith needed, to walk your authentic path and develop all your amazing personal abilities, to come out and share them with the world!!!
Love and Blessings

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