Things we better know about Karma

ka10-10by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the last few days have brought profound shifting energy and massively high frequencies on the planet and the whole machinery of the divine support system seams to work overtime for us.  I hope your transitions have been smooth and your personal shifts and profound and fulfilling. Now as our few is a bit more clear and we feel entitled to more personal freedom, it is time to look into – what the world calls – KARMA. The return of our actions to our door! So what does Karma really mean? The expression Karma is a Sanskrit word for “action”. Which leads us to the hermetic law / divine law of Cause and Effect. Newton realized that within the blueprint of our universe, ‘every action must have a reaction’.
What ever we decide to think, speak or do in this world, initiates a force that will react accordingly to the energy we have send out. The law states that: Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to the divine laws; Miracles, Kismet, Synchronicity and Good or Bad Luck are nothing, but names for this Law not recognized; there are endless planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law. Important to know is, that this law vibrates in the physical human body by correspondence within the Spleen. The Spleen helps the body with cleansing the blood, which indicates that cleaning out karmic memory – has a healing impact on our original family tree. The Spleen is vital to the immune system of the human body and our overall feeling of well-being. And that is why in translation to the Humanity Laws for divinely inspired behavior, the law of Cause and Effect demand from us absolute honesty and integrity in thought, word and action. Nobody can escape the consequences of their actions, even that the consequences might not always have to be payed for in the same life cycle. karmAs we know, the law of Cause and Effect is a universal law, an energy pattern that demands how the flow goes, and neither the universe nor our soul have a feeling for human time, so things can play out over such a long period of time – we don’t see the anymore for what they are: simple answers from the universal to the energy field we once have send out to it. To be ignorant of the divine law is no excuse, as the universe is not rational in its respond to our existence, but creative, fluent and inspired.

In the Bible this divine law is mentioned as “As you sow, so shall you reap”. The law states that whatever quality of energy we send out into the Universe, will in a transformed, but equal form, come back to us.
Life does not “just happen” to us, it actually requires participation from us. As we are in essence one with the Universe and others, can whatever surrounds us also give us clues about our inner state of being, our level of development or our long forgotten dark spots. Being authentic and surrounding ourselves with people and vibrations we desire, creates more of what we truly need.
Humility sometimes means to bow our heads to things we can not change. As whatever we refuse to accept, is by this refusal trapped in a frozen state and impossible to change. Whatever we desire to transform, needs to be fully embraced and integrated just as the status quo truly is. If not the wheel of Karma keeps spinning and bringing similar situations to our door again.
This is a funny and a bit tricky one. On a spiritual level everything that happens to us, happens based on contracts for interaction with each other. These contracts are created in the other-world, long before we appeared here on planet earth. So if we seek to spiritually evolve, we must take responsibility for everything that appears in our life. At the same time on a human level, people can do us wrong – and it is important for our emotional and mental health, to leave the responsibility for their actions with them.karma15. THE LAW OF CHANGE
Another of the seven divine principles, the Law of Vibration states: “Nothing rests; everything moves all the time, everything vibrates.” From existence down to matter, all is in vibration, the higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale. So on an energetic level everything changes all the time, while on a material level history repeats itself, until we hear the messages how we need to change our path.
This law is relate to the energy field of the Ascended Master Lanto, and the alchemical process of drawing forth cosmic light and strength from the universal substance and bringing it into physical form. The more we keep the focus on our spiritual values, the more things, situation, people that resonate with the same frequency will appear.

Walking our authentic spiritual path, includes the realization, that the best thing we can do to co-operate with the universal forces, is doing what we’re suppose to be doing, and than show the patience to wait for the reward to come in on its own time. This is relate to the hermetic principle of Rhythms and Cycles which states: everything has its tides, everything happens in its time, and rhythm compensates – means, over time “what goes around, comes around”.

This is the easiest to explain and the hardest to execute. Being fully in the presents at any moment of our life, is the best way to prevent ourselves from creating further karma. If we regularly practice conscious breathing and are willing to transform in the violet flame what ever appears in our life, we don’t get overwhelmed by old thoughts, old patterns of behavior, old drama.
karI hope this is motivation for you to watch your steps, from the past to the moment, within the moment and, from the moment into the future. To put more awareness on the little things, that otherwise become our big obstacles along the way, and that you can initiate good karma for yourself – wherever you go!! May we all be blessed with helpful Karma, how ever it plays out in manifestation ;-)!!
Love and Blessings!!!

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29 comments on “Things we better know about Karma

  1. Edith, you have somehow just written my rebirth. I knew through 1111 all my life, and spirituality all my life, and now I’m going through an awakening .It’s dreadfully painful. I’m still very much in it

    Reading your words about karma, made me realise what I’ve been feeling all this time, and I must thank you for that

    I find it quite hilarious that I made a contract to put myself through this life and its painful lessons, but I live in hope that I will survive the hell I checked into that I call my reality .

  2. Thank you so much for such a helpful and clear text about a subject we ‘ll have to deal with the whole life.
    Thanks also for sharing your wisdom. Bless you.

    Teresa (Portugal)

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