Awakening To Membership In The Great White Brotherhood

Dear Friends,

as we are all aware, humanity is moving thru a collective awakening process of consciousness, to manifest the Golden Age of Aquarius on planet earth. Over the last few weeks in my personal exchange with clients, I met many people on the gap to take immense inner leaps into a higher consciousness, that opens them the   doors to work with “The Great White Brotherhood” of the Ascended Masters. A source of light and space that can bring much strength and effectiveness to our conscious collective and personal awakening work.
The Great White Brotherhood is also known as Great Brotherhood of Light and as the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth. It is build from a big group of Ascended Masters, each representing a different rays of divine light and higher divine abilities. Among these group are the well known Masters Immaculata, Gautama Buddha, Master Lanto, Maitreya, Jesus Christ, Saint Michael the Archangel, Zarathustra, Moses, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Saint Francis, Saint Germain, El Morya, Lady Portia, Kuan Yin, Afra and Africa, and many more. With their loving presents, they support humanity on the path to ascending into our authentic individual “I AM PRESENCE”.
The Brotherhood works with everybody who is an earnest seeker of personal awakening and desires to be a public servant of the divine plan. Regardless of race, religion or national origin, all human beings can gain from spending time in their loving presence.kkAnd for all of us, who are ready to live a life of golden freedom, peace and enlightenment, is now the time to become a member of this Great White Counsel of souls, that is holding space and is  bringing force to the awakening process on planet earth. What that means is most beautifully described in the following words by Gustav Meyrink .kk
Who has exceeded the boundary line of this world, has become a link in a chain, a chain created from invisible hands. Hands that never let go of each other, until the end of time. He belongs henceforth to a community in which each individual has a specific mission. Not two exist among them equal to each other in ability or fate, as already among the people of this earth are not two that bear the same fate. The spirit of this community permeates our whole world; it’s here anytime, ubiquitously sending the blessing and the light of hope.

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Dear Ones, I hope that you are inspired by this insides to make your contact stronger to hear and feel the guidance of the Ascended Master Reals, and the Great White Brotherhood. That you feel called to shine your bright inner sun into the world, and that you allow them to be of loving assistance on your way. I wish you blissful and radiant interactions!!!
Sending Blessings & Love

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