The Massive Impact Of The Total Solar Eclipse And The Pisces New Moon

eclipseby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
this month is making its entrance with the first Total Solar Eclipse of the year. Together with this, in itself powerful astrological event, comes the Pisces New Moon – messenger of deep feelings and new beginnings. While we collectively still need a bit time to integrate the recent impact of the Mars retrograde phase, for the healing of our inner divine masculine side and the high frequencies our physical bodies have to catch up with, is this combination again firing up an energy field, that is designed to take the human race a next step into collective awakening.

As stated in yesterdays Pisces New Moon Report, this is a deeply spiritual Moon event, an impact that reaches deep into our subconscious programming. This is a chance to use the power of new beginnings that is in every New Moon – to let go of the old; and the power of the solar eclipse to replace the picture of the outer sun – with the light of the inner sun. As already over the last few days the twin flame couple energies of the Ascended Masters God and Goddess Meru, and the Lady Mother Mary announced, this Moon Event will also bring a direct impact on the nature of our bodies.
While the tides are turning and the tectonic plates are shifting, the earth is preparing from inside – for the arrival of the return of Lemuria. A new, the Golden Age of Aquarius on planet earth manifesting version of this time in human consciousness, where the balance on all levels of creation and harmony between all forces was NORMAL.projet03
Such an intense moment is always a gateway to shift our physical DNA into the next possible level of Light Body Awakening. The changes created within the magnetic field off our body, directly affect the pineal gland of our brains, thru the higher electromagnetic activities. It causes the gland to produce an increased amount of melatonin, our body chemical connection to divine bliss.

*) Collectively our DNA is transforming to 12Strands, as the elements in our physical bodies are downloading new vibrations of the divine blueprint for humanity on to planet earth. That takes a bit of time and can create one or the other confusion on the way. Physical trouble as: Headaches, backaches, neck pains, having a cold, flu symptoms, digestive problems, muscular spasms or cramps.

*) Waves of intense emotions might come up, as Pisces is the most emotional sign in the zodiac. And human nature is, that before we are truly capable of releasing the pain and illusions we are holding, we have to feel the impact they have on us, for one last time.
Should you experience sudden waves of emotions, outbursts of anger or intense sadness, increased sensitivity on emotional, mental or physical level, all can be changed and evolved in vibration – by the violet flame of transformation. Find guidance steps and simple tools here!!

The major blessing of this massive star event, is each and every one of us, if we believe ourselves as “spiritual” or not, will be able to sense the divine presence and get in touch with our Higher Self.aDear Ones, I hope this message of such powerful energies for our collective awakening process makes you feel excited about the steps we are all making these days. Hope your inner fires are burning bright for the Golden Age of Aquarius!! May you find unconditional love, peace and oneness in the sanctuary of your own heart.
Love and Blessings!!!

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