According To The Latest Harvard Study The Secret Of Happiness Is…

aby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the last months I have shared a lot of information about this years general energies, about the dimensions of self-mastery we are invited to reach in 2016 on a spiritual level, and how inner happiness is a matter of  self-responsibility. Knowing that, we can be grateful that we are of course never alone on our quest for higher vibrations but have been supported by the the last Full Moon’s impact, to reach our collective goals.
The inner transformation this energies created have collectively triggered more pineal gland awakenings, and such an awakening is needed for us to hold higher levels of happiness in our brains and light bodies. As this shift is done by now, it is a wonderful moment to look into the data of this study from Harvard University, about the scientific facts “what it is that makes human beings happy”!! I hope you enjoy the read and feel inspired by the lead the results are showing!
Love and Blessings!!

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Source of this study is: Forbes
2015 Survey

This year’s survey suggests you can be happier if you: Choose to be happy with whatever you do, strengthen your closest relationships and take care of yourself physically, financially and emotionally.cChoose to be happy with whatever you do
The correlation between happiness and occupation, income or wealth is far less that the correlation between happiness and how people feel about their occupation, income or wealth.

47% of those extremely happy said they thoroughly enjoy what they are currently doing versus
14% of everyone else
62% have not and do not expect to hit a mid-life crisis versus
38% of everyone else
49% of those extremely happy said they are already pursuing their dreams versus
18% of everyone else
67% of those extremely happy said the happiest period of their lives is now versus
20% of everyone else

Strengthen your closest relationships
The most important happiness choice is to invest in your closest relationship whether it’s a spouse, partner, parent, sibling or friend.

75% of those extremely happy give a top box rating to the importance of success in their intimate relationships versus
49% of everyone else
77% of those extremely happy said the state of their relationship was either the “greatest” of “very good” versus
48% of everyone elsebTake care of yourself physically, financially and emotionally
We all know that exercising and taking care of yourself correlates with good health. The happiest among us actually do exercise and take care of ourselves.

78% of those extremely happy said they exercise at least three times per week versus
57% of everyone else (and many of them lied)
93% of those extremely happy said they are in excellent or very good health versus
74% of everyone else
68% of those extremely happy think they are “set” or “on track” for retirement versus
49% of everyone else
10% of those extremely happy perceive themselves to be under stress versus
42% of everyone else
44% of those extremely happy said they are at peace with their work-life balance versus
13% of everyone else

Source: Forbes

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