Spirituality And Money – In Balance And Harmony Between Spirit And Matter

goby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
I am sure many of you still remember that the last Taurus New Moon has triggered for our collective awakening process all kind of feelings and themes around material things, our physical body and also old pattern about our finances. In a resent post called
Aligning Our Financial Paradigms For The Golden Age Of Aquarius, I shared that together with the impact of the last Scorpio Full Moon, we are dealing now with internally uniting the fire of our deepest soul desires, with our power to manifest guided by our personal divine blueprint for the Golden Age. So lets find out a bit about the steps we need to make, to one by one transform the old ideas and concepts to a world truly humane to everyone on the planet.

If you ask a Chrystal Child about money and their deepest soul dreams and desires for this world in the Golden Age of Aquarius, you will most likely get the answer that their tendency is that of a world without money at all. Now for some of you that might sound like they are simply unrealistic dreamer, but actually it is a part of their calling to hold the energy for a world so balanced and harmonic, that everybody automatically also gives – when receiving. Which means a world where people are living so pure to the law of brotherhood of men and equality of existence, that nobody has the desire to betray, or nobble their brother.
And does that not actually sound like a good place to live?? And beloved ones when we are talking about changing our paradigms and ways of living, we need to take in account that this world is not ours alone, it belongs to the future generations and all our actions should be aligned to serve the next seven generations on their spiritual quest on planet earth.

A personal message to all my facebook friends!! FB is limiting the distribution of my posts daily more. If you resonate with my articles and are used to find my work  shared in a group, rather sign up on my newsletter here to make sure you get the information!!! Over time I might not be able to put in the FB time, if it does not lead to what it is about – SPREADING THE WORD 😉!letSo when we look at the way we earn our money and what kind of feelings we have about ourselves in our job, than we also need to take in account what kind of impact that has on others. In the old paradigm a father who went of in the morning to go to work and comes home late, long after the actual family time of meeting after school / work / private activities, exchanging about the day, sharing a meal and discussing plans – was a respected figure and had all the support of the family. Partly that was the case because all our life started to be concentrated on earning money, instead of actually living a good and maybe even simple life.
Now this idea is changing, more and more people get the hang of it and see that life is actually about relationships, and how we are standing in relationship to the whole wide world at the end. Money is loosing its power and attraction as a focus for human productivity and more and more souls break free into entrepreneurship and alternative life forms, in order to use their passion and creative powers for positive changes on this magical planet. And don’t get me wrong, its not in particular about the absent fathers, more the focus we had on earning money; giving money a higher importance than our human relationships; abusing, exploring and raping nature for our amusement, comfort and plain consumerism; the absent fathers have simply been a sign of the time – and now its over.

I am sure all of you have heard the phrase “time is money” before. It is a saying many success trainer and manger in the co-operative money world love using. At the same time it might be that you heard spiritual teacher and adviser say, that money and self-love is the same thing. So how does that go together.
Well spiritually that is easily explained. While the idea in the western world is that of pure masculine energy, combined with the illusion that constant productivity would be possible; the divine side of us understands that – when  we make ourselves so vulnerable to spiral down form a place of total divine bliss, just to become human beings – than we are taken care of by heavens above and should take good care of this physical body we received in return. Lack is a state of illusion – we all can have the shelter, food & clothing we need for a safe and happy life on the physical plane.
Embrace your duality as oneness, and you will never have to worry about money anymore, while you will also not get attached to the things money can buy in this world!!1Dear Ones, I hope this makes you feel inspired to create a new relationship with money and your finances today. I hope you find new ways of evaluating what you truly need and desire, and that you than have the authenticity to spend your money on this things! By the way, according to scientific studies – people who spend their money on experience, personal growth and situations that lead to inner expansion, are proven to be much happier than people who “go shopping”!!! Maybe you wan to take that in account too ;-). In my understanding, money really never had the capacity to make us happy, but in this moment of time it can help us manifest the future we desire for the collective wealth of all beings on planet earth!
Love and Abundant Finances;-)!


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