Higher Frequencies – Clearer Vision – Watch Out For The Side Effects

uby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
these days it looks like we are truly in a race for the next and the next step of consciousness in our collective awakening process to the Golden Ago of Aquarius. The earth is moving and shaking with us, and the universe with its stars are constantly topping up the frequency level, with their loving influence and guiding directions. In less than a week the themes will shift again, so it is the right moment to take a look at what such high vibrating levels collectively have on us.

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Over the last few month we frequently heard about the electromagnetic changes in the earth field. Changes that allow our physical body to adapt to the divine energies that are constantly transmitted to us, and create space from within for their integration. An impact that also repeated more often now than ever before, are the high amount of  third eye openings or pineal gland awakenings, as they are also called. The Scorpio Full Moon in April has unveiled all our deepest soul desire to us, made us feel again what we believe deep in our soul, and showed us how we so far have avoided actually reaching our divine goals.
We have also learned about new perspectives for a Golden Age fit future of leadership, personal creative divine expression, how we share our unconditional love and how we take care of the planet we live on. All of this changes and directions are now available to us in inner pictures during our sleep, in our meditations and even day dreaming states. The more pineal glands open up to the bigger picture worldwide, the more people will be able to truly imagine the details of manifesting the Golden Age. Don’t forget, “What we can imagine – we can achieve”!!
dFurther side effects we might experience during the impact of High Frequencies are:
*) An important physical part of our collective thrive for awakening is, that our DNA is transforming to 12Strands, as the elements in our physical bodies are downloading new vibrations of the divine blueprint for humanity on to planet earth. That takes a bit of time and can create one or the other confusion on the way. Physical trouble as: Headaches, backaches, neck pains, kidney pains, having a cold, flu symptoms, digestive problems, muscular spasms or cramps, chest pains and an sometimes also increased tendency to accidents.

*) Also waves of intense emotions might come up. Before we human beings are capable of releasing the pain and hurt we are holding on to over our lifetime, we often have to feel them one more time. So if in your past you have been very aggressive, deeply jealous, massively fearful or spiteful, than you might have to feel all of this again now. A spiritual journey involves to constantly transform karmic energies. That is what we got the violet flame for. Sudden waves of nearly overwhelming feelings, outbursts of anger or intense sadness, increased sensitivity on emotional, mental and physical level, all can come up so it can be changed and evolved in vibration – by the violet fire. Find guidance steps and simple tools here!!

*) Just as the divine Law of Correspondence (Above as Below) states, when we reach a higher realm of spirituality and self-love, we also start loving the Earth more. We might feel drown to spend more time than usually in nature. Our ability to feel a communication with plants and trees can increase, our sense of communion with nature can be stronger and we might even meet one or the other elf or gnome on our walks ;-)!

*) Really important now is to allow our senses to extend and ourselves to enjoy, the magical beauty of the physical pleasures that our body provides. So if we want to love humanity and live as one, its time for us to start with loving our own physical appearance. This vessel of our own making, that allows spirit to flow and express itself in this world. Listen to the changes in diet your body might request now and keep doing that until it feels like a new balanced has settled in again.
TIP: Before you eat, bless your food and take a moment for earth awareness. Tell your body that you are going to use the food, to fill and nourish your whole being – body mind and soul. That way the food will also fulfill your emotional hunger, and old abuse pattern can fall away!!!

*) Vivid dreams can turn into a strong connection with our spirit guides. Our dreams can now be more mystical and bringing symbols or signs from indigenous lifetimes, the animal kingdom can make itself more present to us and sacred geometric shapes can appear. If you watch a change there, start a dream journal to get all the details of your messages!!!b7Dear Ones, I hope being aware of this impacts will help you feel more at ease in case you are caught up in overwhelming emotions, have physical trouble or meet people who show extreme behavior. Keep your mind focused on the many blessing the uncomfortable side effects will follow and surrender to the process!! Help yourself by working with the energetic support system of the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms!
Blessings an High Vibrations!

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