Me, The Mayan Calender And Alice In Wonderland

esiby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
some of you might remember the post I shared to celebrate my last birthday with all of you, called “My Collection Of Awakening Experiences Continues No III“. In this post I mentioned to you that I had the pleasure to receive a reading of my personal Maya Calender interpretation from a dear new friend of mine, the amazing Austrian artist Gerhild Resch. She has the incredible ability to channel in a shamanic journey setting, how the Nawales (the different qualities of ones inner powers) are feeling and if they are in need of any adaptations. I told you, that I would happily be report about the incredible details she unveiled to me in another post, so here we are with more insides to my world.

For a better understanding, allow me to share very simple and basic details about the calender work of the Mayan civilization, which helps us cultivating an understanding for the rhythms and cycles of the divine vibrations that we are caring within our character. A reading of the human being in its divine qualities, is usually designed as a cross of energies. The Mayan Cross is comprised of five archetypal energies – the are called Nawales, day signs or sometimes also known as day lords.
This day signs are glyphs and numerals from the Mayan sacred calendar (the Tzolkin), which represent our cosmic blueprint, our energetic signature vibration, also explained as the personal Tree of Life. The guidance of the Mayan calendar provides us with insides in our personal divine plan, and helps us align our daily actions with this divine cosmic inner forces.
The system of the Mayan calender is quite a complex one and would by far extend the space we have right now for details, but please read into it if you are interested now, there is so much to gain when we start understanding our own energies as in relationship with external rhythms and cycles of timing.

My personal center quality is that of E or EB, on the Galactic Tone of 9. That is the power of people designed to create roads and pathways, that others cant come up with, so they can go back and share their insides with the world. A job, I do believe to cover pretty well in my life right now ;-).eHere is what Hilda found, when diving into my internal world of Mayan powers – in her original words (translated from German to English by me):
“I am arriving in the center of a flower. This flower feels like it is a very personal and private little world in its own rights. The flower starts growing, I am just there watching it gain in size for a while; to than transform into a building – a beautiful castle. Where ever I am looking, there are fairy tail beings walking thru the different rooms of the building. A cat is about to clime the walls.
I walk into a lovely setting and over a gigantic stairway, which ends up in a magical spot in nature. Everywhere there are even more fairy tail beings, gnomes, dwarfs, ferries. Everything is very colorful, everyone is having fun and all are in a peaceful state of behavior with another.
I am looking up at the walls of the castle and realize that it has the shape of a tulip flower. On the very top of the flowers blossom, there is a half angel, half bird like being – sitting there to guard the space. While I am still taking in the scenario, the guardian comes flying down over my head, gently lifts me up, and takes me into the crown of a tree. Immediately is clear – this is the tree of the ancestor connections.

The branches are full of creatively decorated bird houses. The energy is happy and extremely relaxed. Everything is created in a jolly vibration. Lots of flowers are growing from the trees, some of them even from the ground into heaven. I discover a young woman (she might be called Isabel), who is sitting with relaxed tangling legs on a high, big old branch of the center tree and enjoys the scenery. She is wearing a perfectly white dress and moves within the trees as safe as a monkey would (my Chinese astrological sign). She hands over to me – a present for you!
The scenery is suddenly changing into the world of Kame – the death. The colors are gone, the feeling is that of a mystical and magical space, now in the shadows of the big majestic trees. Under the tree of the ancestors there is a path unveiling and I follow it without doubt further into the woods.
Wondering along I come to a gigantic, impressive door, all made of obsidian crystal. I pass the gate, come to a wide open space and realize – I am standing in an obsidian knife production. Where ever you look, the floor is covered with splinter from the work, and every being passing by – gets handed their own personal obsidian knife. I also got one ;-)!
Happily I continue walking, just to arrive at a lovely pond full of people. Its summer there, its sunny, its colorful and its funny. There are families gathering, children are playing; their laughter mixing with the happy dog barking and splashing sounds from the ones out for a swim. There are balloons, food and drinks; and it all feels like a very real scene from everyday life. The cat – which is representing the center energy E – is again there, playing with the children; closing the circle of love. Its a extremely healthy, productive, active, delightful, joyful and over all life embracing world. Simply beautiful!”ebDear Ones, when my friend came by to bless me with this report of what she had found my qualities to feel, her explanations started with telling me that she had ever only shared a world like mine for one time before in all of her long experience, and that was in a reading she provided for a child. In her words, the space she was invited to discover in my sacred heart, was that of “Alice in Wonderland” ;-), I am sure by now you clearly can see why ;-). My friends, I hope this is inspiration for you, and that you feel invited now to make your inner world a place truly worthy to be seen as a representative of the Golden Age of Aquarius too.
Love and Magical Blessings!

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