Gaining Wisdom From A Native Perspective On Relationships

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
during the summer month of this year, we have collectively experienced a serious of rather intense stellar events, in which extremely high vibrational teachings have been transmitted. Those influences have already triggered many shifts in the human collective, and changed the way how many people are now experiencing their inner awareness of the “I am light” within all of us. We also had several impacts that were designed to make humanity question, in which ways our relationships need to adapt to the changed awareness of our big shared path into the Golden Age of Aquarius for all beings on planet earth.
One of the things we definitely need to work on in a bigger perspective when it comes to love relationships, is how to understand the balance between personal freedom and commitment, between supporting the other without giving ourselves up for them and how to allow growth to be an ongoing personal  as well as united experience. Me,
I enjoy learning from symbols and legends and so it is my joy too share this wonderful piece with you, so the message may sink in deeper.

This is a Sioux Legend about relationships from the book “American Indian Stories”, by Zitkala-Ša.
There’s an old legend about a young Sioux couple that went to see the village shaman one morning. They lived close to Paha Sapa, today known as the Black Hills, which are sacred to the Sioux nation. The young man was a brave warrior and had honor and nobility living in his heart. Touch the Clouds was a woman with almond-shaped eyes, a thick head of hair, and determination in her heart. But most of all, a deep love for the man who was going to be her husband.
The reason they decided to see the shaman was very important: they were afraid. They were scared that their promise, the devoted love they were professing to each other would end up breaking. They were also scared of dying and not being able to find each other in the afterlife. They wanted the old witch doctor to give them some potion, spell, or enchantment that would make their love eternal.

The Challenge
The old shaman looked at both of them for a few seconds with his hawk-nosed, deeply lined face. He smoked a few pipes, wrinkled his brow, cleared his voice, and then took the girl’s hand:
If you want to keep your beloved by your side for a long time you must go on a journey. It won’t be easy, I’ll warn you. You’ll climb that hill you see behind you and with your own two hands you’ll catch a falcon: the strongest, most beautiful one. Then, you must bring it here alive on the third day after the full Moon.
Afterwards, the shaman turned to the young warrior.
As for you, you must know that your task will be just as complex and demanding. You have to climb our village’s highest mountain and catch an eagle. The most beautiful, most lively, most untamed one. You must bring it here on the same day as your beloved.The Outcome
The young Sioux girl and her beloved completed the challenge set by the old shaman. She brought the falcon inside a leather bag. The young warrior carried his eagle. The most beautiful, the strongest. When they came to the old shaman, they both asked what the next step would be. “To sacrifice the birds and bathe each other in their blood, maybe?” they asked.
I’ll tell you what to do now: take the birds and tie their feet with a leather cord. So that they are tethered to each other. Then, you must let them go so they may fly free.
When they had completed this request, they were astonished and speechless when they saw what happened. When the two birds tried to take flight, all they could do was fall down over and over again. Frustrated and full of anger, they started to peck at each other.
The old shaman went and untied the birds. This is the spell I’ll give you: learn from what you just saw. If you tie yourselves to each other, even with love, the only thing you will achieve is to pull each other down, hurt each other, and be unhappy. If you want your love to last, fly as high as you can: together but not tethered. Because true love doesn’t chain us.

While I was preparing this post for you, the angelic realms made themselves seen and heard all over the place. As often before, they have send an angelic number sequence to make us aware of what it takes right now, to put this wisdom into actions that elevate also our love relationships.

Angel Number 1212:
Number 1212 is caring the vibration of creation and new beginnings, courage, attainment, inspiration, self-leadership, assertiveness and initiative. It is the message from your angels that you are to stay focused on your highest aspirations, and that the angels and universal energies work for you. It is a powerful sign that you are to step out of your comfort zone and take on a new direction,new relationship or new project. This vibration is supposed to encourage us to release the old, to passionately follow our purpose, use our natural skills talents and abilities, and to create win / win situations with others.

Sadly, the signals that allow men and women to find the partners who most please them are scrambled by the sexual insecurity initiated by beauty thinking. A woman who is self-conscious can’t relax to let her sensuality come into play. If she is hungry she will be tense. If she is “done up” she will be on the alert for her reflection in his eyes. If she is ashamed of her body, its movement will be stilled. If she does not feel entitled to claim attention, she will not demand that airspace to shine in. If his field of vision has been boxed in by “beauty”–a box continually shrinking–he simply will not see her, his real love, standing right before him.
Naomi Wolf

You know you’re walking around with a mask on, and you desperately want to take it off and you can’t because everybody else thinks it’s your face.
Pat Barker

When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.
Paulo CoelhoDear ones, I hope you are all doing very well these days and are going strong loving yourself as well as life itself. I hope this strength and the insides in this little article, into a native perspective on love, will inspire you to create exactly the type of love connection that allows you to continue growing in life and loving daily a little bit more!
Love and Blessings

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  1. Thank you, Edith! Great Insight, Inspiration as usual. I saw the 12:12 before your post came in and even wrote it down in my notebook— seeing it quite a lot lately. Hmmm… 🙂 Will re-read again…
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