About Me

Name: Edith Boyer-Telmer
Born: Vienna, Austria, 1968
Residence: San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Languages: German, English, Spanish

I am a certified Kinesiology – Touch for Health therapist, breath work teacher, shamanic practitioner and an intuitive channel, with a passion for artistic expression.
That’s why I am sharing my creativity as a singer of healing music and writer of a blog, where I seek to encourage people with helpful tools for their awakening path and personal wellbeing. My individual journey of self-healing and holistic health education started in 1995 in Austria and was made up of many uncounted details.

The milestones I have listed here:
~ Mental Training by Kurt Tepperwein
~ Holistic Breath Work Training at the Atman Institute in Vienna
~ Teachings in Huna Shamanism by Eva Ulmer Janes
~ One year intense training in Shamanic Energy Work and Healing Techniques with Gerhard and Brigitta Lipold
~ Three years Tantra training at the Institute Namaste’ in Vienna, which I had the pleasure to assist in the following years
~ Family Constellation work by Bert Hellinger as channel and guide at the Tantra Institute Namaste’
~ Education as Kinesiology, Touch for Health Therapist at the Holistic Cottage

Since I was a child, I was very interested in studying our human nature, in psychology, cultural diversity, music as well as other artistic expressions and the healing arts. Now it is my big passion to share the solutions I found with others, to inspire people by living example and to empower everybody in the discovery of their personal abilities. I love supporting people on their journey and to assist them in finding the life style that brings their true light forward, and their soul’s desires into manifestation.

I enjoy seeing people succeed over their personal obstacles and master their individual life challenges. That is why I love training others in fine-tuning their emotional body and energies, in clarifying and intensifying their strength as much as over all increasing their well being and health. This I am doing in personally designed One-on-One training’s, Rituals and deeply transformative treatments.
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