How did your conscious awakening path begin?

I was working in commercial business back in 1995; in a allegedly desirable and fancy job, but I felt that I was more and more dying on the inside. After sitting on this feeling for quite a while, I simply could not stand it anymore. I realized “my life has nothing to do with me”! Which led me to the questions: “How did that happen?” and “Who am I, if all of this is just a society role I am playing?” So I took a week off, in order to evaluate my life anew. Little did I know than, how this personal path would take me to places I never dreamed of and responsibilities I never thought I would be strong enough to carry.

I started off with a lot of psychological books and by training my mind based on the teachings of Kurt Tepperwein (read more about it in my “about me” column), but after a while I felt even deeper confused. All this information about things that seemed to live and act in me without my knowledge or control, it scared me at first. I set down again and asked myself “who am I in all this game”, and there it was – music.
I remembered how much I loved singing. How much happiness and strength I used to gain from using my voice and body to express myself. I searched for a vocal trainer, who included in her teaching technique the use of meditation. Once tried, I immediately found myself in a deep shamanic trance state – traveling as animal spirit high above this earth and far away to places I never visited this lifetime. From there on one step after the other just kept falling into place, and the only think I had to keep doing is listening closely and putting my higher guidance into action.

When, how and why did you come to Guatemala?

It was in 2005. I was working with the vocal trainer and Energy Healer Ute Gerzabek, a wonderful woman who at that time helped me interpret the voice of my inner guidance. In an energy session we asked for my calling and the simple answer was that “it’s not to be found in Austria”. At that time I had no idea what that was supposed to mean, but at least it opened up my mind for the possibility that Austria might be my physical home, but not my emotional or energetic fit.
About a week later I was in a trance meditation during the last unit of my three year Tantra training, when the guidance came to now ask yourself “where do I come from, where do I go”, and there it was crystal clear written in my mind – “Guatemala”. First I anyway thought I am tricking myself, but than three different people in our small group – totally independent from another and without any knowledge of my vision – started talking to me about their experiences in Guatemala. That was enough confirmation for me to know this guidance is authentic!

How did you come up with the name New Beginnings?

Actually I did not, I never thought of a name for my work because I don’t experience it as separated from my life. It simply happened. I was typing on my computer; it was December 2012 just before the shift that announced the ending of a cycle in the Maya calendar, when it appeared loud and clear – first in my head – than on the paper. I really liked the sound of it and I still do. What I did was consciously adding the “Support For Self-Healing” part, so people stay aware that the work we share is about themselves and their will to transform from inside.

How do you like working?

What I enjoy most these days is training all kinds of people how to fine-tune, clear and increase their inner connection with themselves and their inner voice. I am doing that in my One-on-One training, which is personally designed for each client. I also love supporting people who have special abilities, but don’t know yet how to use or canalize them the most productively.
I put emphasis on a breath work, designed to trigger quantum shifts in the emotional as well as the physical body; and use body awareness combined with movement as natural tools to ground the experiences. White sage is my favorite tool for cleansing my client energetic and emotional body layers, as well as for clearing spaces. Maybe the most important to me is that I love working with people who are open minded and committed to the process we share, no matter if that is an hour treatment or a 5 day retreat.

You are channeling a lot of your insides – what does that mean?

It means that I am trained in keeping my connection with spirit wide open at any time, and to listen closely to the information I get. This allows me to receive guidance that people have fallen out of touch with, which I am than responsible to pass on to the person I work with, without evaluating it. Most of the time it happens to me that I talk about things without knowing why I would mention them – when I than ask the client for relevance of the information – it always fits exactly to the life situation people find themselves in.
A layer of my work where the channel and the shamanic practitioner meet is that I feel the energetic impact an emotion, situation or thinking pattern has on my client – usually as pain, pressure or sudden blockage – within my physical body. That allows me to scan the energy field and to clear it with the help of the white sage, my prayers and often enough through singing.

What does shamanism mean to you personally and in the work you share with others?

From early on I always had a strong connection to the spirit world, to guidance from the angelic realms and my own inner voice. During my childhood and youth that was rather confusing and more of a challenge than a blessing for me, till in my twenties I got in touch with the healing techniques of Huna Shamanism, and for the first time found clarity about the connection between the insides I had, and our daily life as human beings on planet earth. From there on, how I experienced life started to make much more sense to me.
A year of training further healing techniques used by a diversity of Native American tribes deepened that feeling and brought forward more of my natural abilities. In the meantime I am living since 2005 in Guatemala constantly learning from my indigenous Maya neighbors how to naturally apply a profound understanding for time as well as the natural rhythms and cycles of creation, into the flow of our daily life. A little bit of all of that, applied alchemy and sound work all come together in my shamanic work with other people.