All services are available in English, German and Spanish!! The high season in Guatemala is from November to April but also in July & August lot of travelers are in town. Please make your appointment in time!


One-on-One Training

In the one-on- one training we are working with a combination of intuitive spiritual guidance, psychological advice, shamanic energy work, intense breath work, a forgiveness ritual and new beginnings treatments. It is designed to support the participant in developing a profound awareness for the process of healing self and others. You can use it to start a spiritual practice, take your own self-healing to the next level, increase and strengthen your ability to hold space for the healing process of others, or to develop more clarity about your special healing abilities.
The training is a cycle of 5 days, for either 3 or 4 hours the day.

The New Beginnings


This treatment is a mix of intuitive spiritual counseling, insides in your soul path – based on numerology, a shamanic cleansing of the emotional,- and the energetic body; as well as a head massage to anchor the newly achieved vibration into the physical body. It’s a holistic experience that will shift your awareness and strengthen your inner connection to the guidance coming from within. 2 hours

The Sound Treatment

Structured like the New Beginnings it includes devotional singing for the spirit realms during the energetic cleaning process and the head massage. This evokes the presence of plant medicine spirits and allows us to channel high vibrations into the physical body. This treatment is especially effective for people who had an experience with plant medicine and wish to be re-connected to the loving presence and healing powers of the nature kingdom. 2 hours


Forgiveness is an active step of moving forward from past experiences and unhealthy mindsets. It is also an excellent tool to set yourself free from painful memories and emotions. No matter if you seek forgiveness or if you feel ready to forgive others, this ritual is a chance to shift your perspective and your emotional body! The work has a basic structure of spiritual counseling, followed by a written meditation and a fire ritual. The details are chosen individually, depending on your personal story themes and cultural background. The length depends on how deep you wish to unveil the many details and layer of your life. The time range is between 3 hours and 5 hours.

Muscle Memory Clearing

Every human being experiences over time, a number of physical impacts which harm the free flow in the energy system of our body. All of those impacts are stored in the energetic memory of our muscles, and continue to weaken the entire system. By applying this muscle clearing technique, the memory can finally be erased, which lowers the risk for further injuries and changes the bio chemistry of our body. Session about 1h 1/2

Holotropic Breathwork with a twist
Guided Meditation
Numerology Soul Path Reading
Introducing “The Ascended Masters”



I am available on Skype for sessions of 1hour and 1 1/2hours. Please make your appointment and payment, a minimum of one week in advance, and be aware of the time difference!!

If you are looking for a special present for your beloved ones, gift certificates can be purchased for all services.