LORD LANTO – The “Mighty I AM Presence” & the Ascension Process


by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
last weeks posts included knowledge about the violet flame of the Ascended Master Saint Germain, about Buddha Gautama and his role in this intense energy shifts till the 11/11/8 Gateway, we talked about conscious breathing, about the power in our ability to let go, to forgive, and about clearing the roots of our Family Tree and the impact the energy waves have on us right now. Today allow me to introduce you to the Ascended Master “Lord Lanto”. He is the chohan (leader) of the 2nd divine ray, the golden ray of the victorious I AM light. Lord Lanto is a master of the power of precipitation—the alchemical process of drawing forth cosmic light and substance from the universal substance and bringing it into physical form. The power tool of Master Lanto is the “mighty transcendent golden flame of illumination”, located in the Himalaya mountains. To work with his flame and pray for his energetic guidance, helps us stabilize our energies in the awareness of our golden divine I AM existence. Have fun experimenting with this powerful, loving Divine Master! Read first Lord Lantos message to humanity:

Love the golden hope of your divinity more than your current reality,
then there is hope!!
Eventually this hope is not true anymore, because it became your truth.
The golden light of God comes to establish peace and wisdom!
Through the temple of revelation and divine peace,
the light of God manifest once again on the earth plane.

Open Up, turn into a barer of divine faith and truth!
Allow the stream of light to flow through you!
Aligned with the great plan of The Eternal One!
Your reward is immense inner wealth and your awakening in God!lordlantoINVOCATION
On behalf of my I AM presence

I call the 2nd golden ray into action,
to ensure the fulfillment of the divine plan.

I live, breath and navigate my entire existence,
nestled in a gigantic shining,
fiery burning golden flame,
from the heart of the temple of wisdom and enlightened peace

in the Himalaya mountains.

Thousands of suns…there, for all who have ears to hear and eyes to see.
Cleansing, healing, protective, electrostatic,
guiding, uplifting and enlightening

in service to all the people on the light path

I AM part of the golden ray of the victorious flame of divine wisdom.
All Masters teachings and writings, everything under this rays radiation,
works in me, through me and around me –
in every group, every thing and every situation

where I AM, NOW and FOREVER!
I completely opening myself to the 2nd golden ray of wisdom and enlightened peace,
surrendering with all my BEing.
In the Divine I live, I move and I have my entire existence.

The divine lives and moves within me and my entire being.
I radiate love, peace and divine power into my environment, for the benefit of all beings.
The divine power heals me and penetrates my entire soul.

I feel, think and accept, that me and all the members of my family
are protected by the divine force of unconditional love!

I AM positive, that the divine light and eternal vigilance,
heals, helps, guides, enlightens and transforms me.
I forgive everyone and everything!

In the center of my existence is deep inner peace.
In silence I feel the power, the leadership and the love of the Holy Presence.
I feel the stream of eternal love flow within me.
I know, that all my problems are already resolved in the divine light.

The divine ways are my ways.
The words that I have spoken will accomplish,
what they are send for!!

I hope you feel inspired to take a bath in the loving embrace of this magical energy field, the strength and clarity of the Master Lord Lanto. The goal is to be clear and present in the moment, while we keep a corner of our eye fixed on our internal transformation towards our inner light. You deserve to live your life in the ease and unconditional love of your mighty “I AM presence”!! Keep breathing deeply, keep praying and repeating the words over and over again – until your hopes are no hopes anymore, because they became your reality!!!
Blessings an Love ;-)! Edith

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